YouTube has a wide selection of free movies, and on Saturday night I perused one of them-Person Of Interest. I think it is worth reviewing because it is a decently made film, and more intelligent than most American movies.

However, it is also a dangerous bit of propaganda.

Hollywood was never against the Iraq War, and mainly supported it. In fact, very few people from the entertainment industry protested it, The Dixie Chicks being the most famous exception. In fairness, Sean Penn also comes to mind. Still, mainstream Hollywood does smell a payday now, rehashing canards about psychotic and delusional vets with PTSD. Person Of Interest is a decent film, but the ham-fisted reference to Taxi Driver is basically part of the sequel craze. One thinks the people who pushed this war would not turn on its veterans so handily, but I suppose coming up with an original idea was prohibitively difficult. Better to retread ground better trodden by Deniro.

Spoiler Alert-The movie is about a character named Terrance Dyer, played by the guy who wrote the script, Reuben Appelman.  It opens with Terrance giving an anti-corporate speech which is fairly lucid.  The movie descends from there.

To understand this film, you have to understand conspiracy theory as it relates to 9-11. In my view, most of Terrance’s life is composed of fantasy. A good portion of it is him being harangued by a Donald Rumsfeld type into committing some heinous act of terrorism, the idea being this guy is as nutty as a fruitcake and he thinks he’s being bugged, monitored and surveiled.

Now in 2010, this paranoid idea could be dismissed, though in 2013 Snowden pretty much let the cat out of the bag. So Dyer is being spied on, or was. Dyer’s life is complicated. His younger brother is a transvestite prostitute who is being pimped by their dad, who also molested Terrance, supposedly, though it is all so pretentiously Indie non-linear it is difficult to know if this is true. Of course, no normal person could harbor conspiracy theories of any kind. In fact, invariably, conspiracy theorists have been raped by their daddies.

Hollywood smears that which they are trying to discredit. I don’t buy this as an Indie film. it is a mainstream movie trying to be fringe. Even the writer appears to be fairly mainstream, his career financed by a string of grants from Idaho, hardly an enemy of the state.

Anyway, Terrance is fairly gay acting for a soldier. The one little girlfriend he has he is not interested in sexually. He is too much damaged goods, hence his “crazed”  ideas about conspiracies. This movie shamelessly milks several canards, foremost being the ones for 911 Troofers.

Let’s lay it down–Iraq and Afghanistan vets were used, sent off in a burst of patriotism inspired by the decidedly questionable collapse of the Twin Towers. The collapse of building 7 was not questionable. There is no doubt Lucky Larry pulled that one.

Now these vets are returning home, and they are dangerous to entrenched power.  They have been disillusioned, mainly, and are often much more politically aware than most voters. Ron Paul got more veteran donations than any other candidate.

So it’s little Reuben to the rescue, defending the state from its crazy veteran detractors. When the status quo works for you, you are not likely to bite the hand that feeds you. Applelman might not even realize he is a shill for the state, such is the potent nature of brainwashing and mind control.

At the end, Dyer is a Palestinian, walking into a building with a bomb strapped to him. Poor brain damaged vets. We just can’t trust them.

My brother would always pick up hitchhikers if they looked like they were going to the local VA. These Nam vets used to go to the “flight deck”, the roof of the hospital where they would walk around in a cage. Someday, we’ll know who lied us in to Nam, and why and I believe they will be punished. Until then, movies like Person of Interest will spring up like mushrooms, as veterans are systematically dehumanized.image001