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(The Gods of Time is a science fiction story about the effects of time distortion on realizing human potential, and also on the darker side of human relationships. You can find the first three parts by following the link above, they are all on this blog.)

The four of them had become more like prisoners in a jail with an invisible warden. The situation between the four of them had grown so intolerable at one point they had simply learned to live peacefully apart. They had learned not to deny their feelings, or even to repress them, but rather to focus them. Their emotions became sacred to them, flowers from which they derived their inspiration and the will to carry on. The alternative was to turn into dried corn husks of humanity, incapable of feeling.

At year three thousand, interestingly, Kiera started playing the piano with her mind. She actually had begun to play literally in her mind for some time, mentally practicing and composing music. By now, each note hung like colored flames in the air before her, and she simply drew what she saw in her compositions. She was the most prolific composer who had ever lived, certainly, but the years had given her music a depth of understanding seldom plumbed except by the greatest prodigies of talent, and she had no shortage of time in which to compose.

Jeb commented on the phenomena, evincing no surprise. “I was wondering when you would start, or if you would.

Jim was puzzled, and a little afraid. Rita waited until the two of them were alone in the agripod. Since the two of them occasionally went there together to walk in the tiny but productive garden, it didn’t seem unusual.

“Does it bother you, Jim? Jeb and Kiera seem so much more comfortable with the changes we’re experiencing? Are we growing apart?” she said to him, in a hushed tone as if afraid her children would hear but desperate to communicate regardless.

Jim pondered this. “Younger people are more adaptable. It’s easier to change when still a child.”

Rita shook her head. “They’re not children anymore. We’re the oldest people who ever lived, as far as we know.”

“Biologically, they’re children. They live and experience as children do. We’re all changing, but we can incorporate the changes better. We have an adult perspective, an adult metabolism. Whatever is happening to us, it is happening to Jeb and Kiera at a much greater rate.”

“I don’t know if I can accept this, Jim. I wanted to be a mother, but I wanted to have human children. What are we becoming?”

“Better, Mother.” Jeb had come in so quietly they hadn’t even noticed them. “Better. Can’t you see? Kiera is awakening. She has moved beyond faith, or reason, or any of the obstructions humans have always placed in front of themselves. She is becoming Kiera, an entity all unto herself, and what’s more important, it’s what all of us, every human who ever lived, could have done, could have become, if given the opportunity we have been given. Don’t be frightened Mother. It’s all around us. It’s in you too, if you could just accept it.”

Rita looked at her son as if he were a total stranger, seemingly hesitant to speak. Finally, as if the words were ripped from her, she spluttered, “It’s all an accident of time. This wasn’t supposed to happen?”

Jeb laughed. “Mother, this is the only thing those who believe in the immortality of the human soul could have ever thought possible. We’re just dealing with eternity in one conscious lifetime. We’ve been looking at this all wrong. Time isn’t slower here, in a fundamental sense time is just stretched, elongated. What fooled me was the cyclicality, every year a second. It means nothing. We’re quantum tunnelers, nothing more. Forget all this accident of time nonsense. There is no time for us, and we have nothing but time.

It wasn’t so much his words as the strange expression on Jeb’s face which startled Jim.

“Jeb, could we discuss this some other time? Your mother is upset. She just saw our daughter moving objects with her mind. It’s taking some time to internalize.”

Jeb laughed. “You mean like this?” Various objects in the agripod began to rise and drift around, as if the agripod had become a total vacuum. Tools and materials for maintaining their garden danced through the air to some unheard music. Rita and Jim watched in shock.

To Be Continued


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