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Part Two of a multi-part exploration of P.J. The Puppet’s traumatizing experience at the exploratory hands of TSA agents at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. The first part can be found HERE. The photo above is of two of P.J. the Puppets friends, who we will call Mrs.. Squirrel and Chipmunk X. to protect their identity.

When last I wrote in this, my role as citizen journalist, about P.J. the Puppet’s unfortunate encounter with TSA agents at Dulles Airport, I promised I would not rest until I found evidence of the proof of the identities of the 9-11 hijackers with documented evidence of these scoundrels captured on airport security footage.

This evidence, I assumed, would be laughably easy to find on the Internet, and I did find something. However, when I sent the link to P.J. the Puppet, he responded with a dismissive, expletive-laden reply which I will not duplicate here for the sake of decency.

The link is HERE. As you can see, it is obviously footage of some blurry, but swarthy types walking through a metal detector. Of course, with no prompting, you will instantly determine these could only have been the terrorists who hijacked the plane that flew into the Pentagon.

Sifting through the profanity, it appears P.J. the Puppet problem with this absolute proof was his bias towards proof of the Twin Tower’s hijackers, not the Pentagon.

It seems the Tower bombers boarded a connecting plane in Maine, thence to Boston for their rendezvous with the doomed airliners that struck the Towers. P.J. the Puppet wants video of them boarding in Maine, and also scans of the flight lists. He thinks this should be accessible, and can think of no reason this should not be readily available online.

This left me at a loss, since every corporate news agency in America, as well as most abroad, agrees that the hijackers flew from Maine to Boston, toured the country for awhile, then headed back to New York to slam into the WTC complex. They must have unshakeable proof of the Maine boarding.

In quasi-despair, I reached out to the two mutual friends I have with P.J. the Puppet, who had informed me of his plight to begin with. They agreed to be interviewed for this blog, as apparently P.J. the Puppet seems to have dropped off the face of the earth (for now). Their names have been changed for the sake of this interview. I will refer to them as Mrs. Squirrel and Chipmunk X. (pictured above). They joined me for tea and peanuts.

Me: “Thanks for the interview. I really appreciate it. I really  seem to have set P.J. the Puppet off, and I do apologize for this.”

Chipmunk X.: “Oh, he’ll calm down. It’s just he’s so emotional about all of it, still, though he won’t admit it.” (Mrs. Squirrel nods in agreement).

Mrs. Squirrel: “At least he doesn’t think you are C.I.A. anymore. He says even the C.I.A. wouldn’t be dumb enough to try to fool him with that fake footage at the airport you sent him, although…(Mrs. Squirrel nibbles a peanut reflectively)… they did put out those dead Bin Laden photos.”

Chipmunk X.: “We don’t really know who ginned up those photos, Mrs. Squirrel. It’s a bit reactive to blame the C.I.A. for everything, don’t you think?”

Mrs. Squirrel: Oh, I’m sure you’re right, but you know what I mean. Some mysterious, monolithic intelligence agency put out those photos, and I just call them C.I.A. as kind of a blanket term for that sort of thing.”

Me: “But you saw the proof. I mean, they were getting on the plane.”

Chipmunk X. (eyeing me sadly): “Have you been to the bank lately? How about a used car lot? I’ll bet there is better video proof of you there than the supposed hijackers at the airport you have. How about a time/date stamp? How about footage of them actually boarding the plane? They didn’t have cameras? I’ve been flying for years, and without getting into it, believe me they are watching”

Mrs. Squirrel: “Even if you had found more convincing proof, P.J. the Puppet would have just changed the topic to why the WTC wreckage burned for about three months. He’s convinced the only reason it burned so long was because there was a source of oxygen in the rubble. He says there is this stuff, “thermite” he calls it, which will burn under water because it causes a chemical reaction which supplies oxygen for the fire. He says a form of thermite was used to blow the towers up in a controlled demolition, and the airplanes were just a sideshow to distract from the main event.”

(I hang my head grimly. This puppet really seemed to have fallen off the deep end with these clueless ravings.)

Me: “So what can I do? I mean, is there some way to restore this puppet to sanity?”

Chipmunk X.: “He doesn’t know he’s crazy, so it’s tough. He says the only reason people believe the official 911 conspiracy theory is a complete ignorance of Thermodynamics.”

Me: “Thermodywhatics? There is no such word.”

Mrs. Squirrel: “Oh, I agree. I mean, it just sounds made up. In fact, we’ve flirted with the notion of an intervention, you know, forced commitment to a mental hospital and forced medication. There may even be a need for more aggressive intervention, such as in the way of electroshock or even a mild lobotomy.”

Me: “A lobotomy might be the only way he would stop believing in strange fantasies like this Thermodyshamics. They certainly never mentioned that topic at the junior college I dropped out of. It is prespoterious.”

(For several minutes, we sipped tea and sampled the array of nuts I had prepared for this interview. It was our mutual love of acorns which had first brought us into our acquaintanceship, as I had met them both at the park one day while sharing some peanuts I had brought with various forest creatures. To this day, Mrs. Squirrel and Chipmunk X. are two of the most civilized friends I have, even considering their scheme to lobotomize P.J. the Puppet.)

To Be Continued.