On 9/01/13 through 9/02/13, The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy will be free.

I finally broke down and enrolled it the Amazon promotional program.

It is the best edited version of the book, and has a great cover.

I had to take it down from Smashwords to qualify it, but since I refuse to take the time to format it for Smashwords at this stage, no loss. Also, there is some kind of length restriction on Smashwords, so some illustrations could not go in.

I didn’t want to put this up for free, because it contains all three books and has cool illustrations, and is worth the price, but also this–I think my books move about rather briskly through a couple dozen bootlegging sites.

While I don’t object to this, since one way to promote a book is just get people to read it, I ask this. Give me a review on Amazon, or like my blog, or something if you read the books licitly or illicitly. It’s a form of payment.

below I am pasting a couple of photos, of a sunrises, and above is the cover of the Complete Trilogy. The Sun rose yesterday at 6:28 am, exactly as foretold. It is enough to make one believe in an orderly universe.

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