098As stated in the past, when I am bombarded by disparate propaganda about some New World Order focal point, the Zombie World Order ethos is to take arms against a sea of troubles and contribute my two cents on my blog. Few read it, but I just want a historical record of my dissent.

In light of this policy, which is becoming one of long-standing by Time’s default, I will now analyze the Syrian situation, not by commenting on the players or the news stories specifically, but rather seeking to apply Logic to the situation and events, thereby exposing incongruities in the propaganda/counter-propaganda matrix.

First, I must disregard the fact that the American Constitution does not allow intervention in Syria, so this settles everything. While I actually agree with this, for the purposes of this blog, I will pretend this is debatable (it isn’t, as even the most cursory reading of that document will clearly indicate). So, let’s talk about the propaganda for and against intervention.

Here is the basic story: There is a country called Syria which is situated above Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon, and to the left of Iran, Iraq, and Jordan. It’s basically right in the middle of things.  The people who want to hit Syria also want to hit Iran, but since the war-sell for Iran is too tough right now, they want to hit Syria, Iran’s ally, to force Iran to counterstrike and start the war that way. One needs to bear in my that in a just world, the instigators of the Iraq war would be in prison or in front of a firing squad, so the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex is treading a bit more lightly than they did in those heady, early post 9-11 days.

So, a civil war was instigated, or rather, probably, intensified by the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex wing of the New World Order. The Saudis are involved, since they want to keep the price of oil high, and Iran and Syria are undercutting the market. The Israelis are involved since Syria and Iran are perceived enemies for them, plus they want to steal the offshore oil and natural gas deposits off the coast of Lebanon and Syria.

Over the course of this Syrian civil war, poison gas was supposedly used. Nobody without a dog in the fight seems absolutely certain who used it. However, Obama has promised that if gas was used in Syria, “we” (American forces for which my tax dollars and continued residency in the USA imply my collective association and support) will invade/bomb, whatever we term it. A bomb is pretty invasive. It’s a long-range bullet, so even if no American soldiers are physically on Syrian soil, we still invaded. Eventually, if we start bombing, we will have to invade in the traditional sense, I think.

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Neither the Saudis or Israel wish to fight, so would rather have the Americans do their dirty work.  So, Israel is using its political power in the USA to sway the vote towards war, mainly through the AIPAC wing of its power structure.  The Saudis are also in the game. They got caught with their pants down recently, as they sent 1200 death row inmates to Syria to fight for the opposition to Assad, who is the rather weak-chinned looking leader of Syria. These assorted murderers, rapists, and drug dealers are also getting a monthly salary. The salary is sensible, otherwise these convicts, many of them foreign nationals, would probably just return to their country of origin.

The Saudis are not so far out with this as it first appeared. Convicts have been used in war before, and there have certainly been cinematic renderings of this idea (See the Hollywood classic”The Dirty Dozen” and its unmemorable sequel).

Anyway, assistance is being provided to the Syrian “rebels” (I join many in putting “Rebels” in quotation marks. I hesitate to call foreign insurgents “rebels”, when it might be more accurate to consider them as early strike forces in an invading army. In fact, this is exactly what they are). The Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex want to intensify the assistance by bombing Assad loyalists, at least I infer this to be the general idea.

The best defense of the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex position is this: Poison gas was used, by who does not matter. The situation is out of control, so we should invade to stabilize the country in the name of “Fill in the blank with whatever family value is nearest and dearest to your focus group”.

This position has some logical merit, though the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex should support whichever side seems likeliest to win. Assad seems stronger right now, or the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex would still be trying to topple him with just the “rebels”.  If the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex seriously wanted to stabilize Syria, the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex would help him drive out the foreign insurgents and end the Civil War, logically.


* I just cut “we” from the above paragraph and pasted “the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex”.  Ain’t no “we” here. I voted for the Constitutionalist Ron Paul. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Anyway, logically, we should support Assad if the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex really meant their propaganda. They don’t. The idea that anyone from the before mentioned groups care about Syrian children is risible. However, there has to be some humanitarian justification for the intervention, because there is no other real card to play. Children are dying, you insensitive bastard. Don’t you care?


Though the obvious answer to this would be to ask how the questioner  feels about legalized abortion in the USA, I have already blogged about the terrorist group M.E.K. in my classic post, “Who The Heck Is M.E.K.“? I opposed destabilizing offensive regimes through terrorists long before it was a fashionable cause. If you think M.E.K is not in with the Syrian Rebels, you don’t know Neocon. That’s why the Cons pushed to get M.E.K off the terrorist list, so they could use them to foment insurrection legally in Syria, and, yes, Libya.

Well, the Libyan 9-11 anniversary is next week. One can only wonder what sort of propaganda ploy might occur. 2013 is a big New Word Order Year. Stay strong, and don’t let the devils win.

*Note-See how simple things would be if the people who swore an oath to The Constitution honored it?

*General Note-Saw “The Hunger Games” movie, and thought it was terrific, though I have yet to read the books. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. She has one of those plastic faces where she looks completely different in different scenes. Hollywood will wreck her, probably. Still, though, it was a badass movie that certainly lived up to the hype. I do not believe the author had no exposure to “Battle Royale” as similarly themed Japanese classic, at least based on the movie, but there is an American twist to it I really liked.

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