The Complete Trilogy is free on the anniversary of a Zombie Apocalypse milestone–the 50th of President John F. Kennedy’s murder.

I suppose I’ve read my share about the killing and the events leading up to it. The significance of it wasn’t fully appreciated at the time, namely, it represented the death of the American Republic. It would have been difficult, at that time,to gauge the full import of the disaster.

In that sense, it was a 9-11 level catastrophe.

Some may have seen the movie New Jack City, an 80’s flick about the crack epidemic. A group of dealers self-styled as “The Brothers” start eliminating their rivals. In one scene, they roll up on a Rasta and  shoot him, laughing and saying, “That’s how you shoot someone–in broad daylight.” The brazenness of the act implies the futility of resistance. This is 9-11, this is the broad daylight shooting of an American President, right next to his wife, surrounded by powerful politicians and security.

The clean-up is where the cover story cracks. Jacob Rubinstein (aka Jack Ruby), a Dallas pimp and panderer for Chicago mobsters like Meyer Lansky, silenced the supposed shooter. There is no plausible explanation for this act except the involvement of organized crime. Ruby’s phone records indicated many contacts in The Mob, who as a group were not huge Kennedy fans.

Tomorrow one of the books is free. Don’t remember which one, maybe DEAD TO RIGHTS. Or just wait till the 22nd and get the complete trilogy.

We live on the brink of events which should cause us to shudder. “Be grateful for everything, for soon you’ll have nothing” Not sure who said it, but they’re right.