Pasted below at the end of this post are the upcoming free days for Dead To Rights and The Lazarus Law. Feel free to post elsewhere, in fact, please do.

I’m still trying to get a clear sense about THE GODS OF TIME, the book I am posting on installments here .  Also, I think about doing something with The Zombie World Order, not an official book, but sort of a peripheral story about some of the sub characters.

There was an earthquake here about two years ago, just a tremor really. In California they would not have noticed it. Still, ever since I have been fixated on Tecumseh,the chief of the Shawnee Indians who correctly predicted the date of the largest earthquake in American history a  year before the event.

I”m kicking around (about 20,000 words so far) a story about two groups of people on a collision course, both affiliated with Marie and On The Road To Recovery.

I read something interesting last week. Two rival faction on the Internet were debating The Hunger Games as to whether the message was pro-Democrat or pro-Republican.

Panem and District 13 were like Athens and Sparta, and neither seemed idealized. The books were definitely anti-Totalitarian.

There are no such things as a Democrat or Republican Party.

Merry Christmas if I don’t post before then.


The Lazarus Law-Free Days

2/10/ 14

Dead To Rights Free Days