Of course, as soon as World War Z hit Red Box, I went and rented it. It wasn’t bad. The special effects made me wish I had seen it at the theater. However, its resemblance to the book was skimpy, which is understandable since the  book’s plot was skimpy. It was a series of short stories more than one linear story. When I heard they were making a movie out of it, I didn’t see how they could, at least with a big name star.

It might have been better if they had been true to the book, but there would have been no role for Brad Pitt.

Still, it was a good movie, and one of the greatest Zombie movies.

Unfortunately, my rentals did not stop with World War Z.

I continued on, and also rented Scary Movie 5, the most recent in the series I associate with the Wayans Family. Now, the back story here is the Wayans’ family got squeezed out of this lucrative franchise. I didn’t know this.

The cover features Snoop Dog. Redbox has really small covers. How am I supposed to know Snoop isn’t a Wayans? He looks like one. Before you squeal racist, I wonder how many poor, unsuspecting souls rented this movie solely on the strength of the first couple. I admit, I haven’t seen a Scary Movie since the 2nd one. All the more reason for me to flag this monstrosity. Scary Movie 5 sucks. It really does. There was maybe three or four mildly amusing moments, and they do not redeem the whole.

The most offensive aspect of this movie was children were involved in making it. Sex toy jokes and jokes about anal penetration do not belong using children as foils. The relentlessly offensive movie also insults blacks, Mexicans, Catholics, you name it.  The Zuckers and the Weinsteins, whose names are on this thing, are pretty much equal opportunity insulters, although Jews are spared from any offense. All Scary Movies are offensive, but this one is much worse–it is stupid and not funny. The others in the series were stupid and extremely funny. This matters to me when watching a comedy.

The Wayans family are national treasures. I have been a fan of their work since Living Colour. Scary Movie 5 ranks with Dumber and Dumberer as a mindless sequel fueled only by the desire to grab money.  I fell into the trap, and am $1.26 poorer for it, and expended about 86 minutes of my life watching it.  Worse, I went out in these current Arctic conditions to rent it, and was geared up for a Wayans movie.  This is theft.

Be forewarned. Do not rent or watch Scary Movie 5.