As always, The ZWO Credo is to comment on social and political issues when I feel I might have some novel insight, or feel posting my thoughts might provide me with some therapeutic value. Confronting the inanity of events, particularly the way events are reported by the corporate media, has some psychological benefit for me. I feel like I don’t have to talk about these things if I espouse my views in my blog. So, even from the limited exposure I get to “the news”, sometimes something bothers me on such a personal level I have to react. So today, I am going to write about a structure and a town near and dear to my heart–The George Washington Bridge and Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Have any of you ever walked over this bridge? I have, many times, and I can assure you it is one of the most quintessential and underrated of New York City experiences. I certainly don’t recommend doing it in these frigid temperatures, though. The wind chill would be incredible. I know. I have walked across the bridge in January many times.

There is a delightful little town on the other side of the GW. No, not Manhattan. Manhattan is not little, and it is not delightful. I am referring to Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Oh what a special place this is, nestled on the Palisades. There is a footpath going north which extends well upstate, an old Indian trail, or so I heard. It traverses past even the Rockefeller mansion, which is right on the Palisades.

Fort Lee was supposed to be the what Hollywood became, a center for the film industry. The real Hollywood was founded to avoid copyright and patent laws–Thomas Edison’s lab invented early film making. The fellows who started Hollywood got as far away from him as possible so they wouldn’t have to pay. Ironic, really. Try downloading a movie for free now, and you can end up paying serious fines, but Hollywood itself is founded on intellectual property theft.

There are many fine places to eat in Fort Lee. Great Indian, Korean, and Jewish food in this small town. There are also a lot of interesting little shops. You might wonder, why do I know so much about Fort Lee?

Well, I have spent at least a few weeks of my life sitting in traffic in front of The George Washington Bridge. I really am an expert, or was, on the traffic patterns of Fort Lee.  I have strong opinions about it. One day, while waiting in front of the GW to cross the bridge to get home, something inside me crumpled, and I knew the day would come when I would no longer be crossing this bridge twice a day, and would never miss it.

I love the GW. I have played underneath it on the Manhattan side. There is a cool little lighthouse there. So many fond memories. Before 9-11, it was scary how little security there was there. After 9-11, it was scary how much.

There is a particularly offensive cretin they (the Neocon War Party) are pushing to run for President, mainly because while Hillary can’t beat many people, even I will admit she could sure as hell kick Doug Christie’s fat ass. In the age of television, short, fat, and ugly doesn’t win national elections. The camera does not love Doug.

The same groups pushing Christie also pushed Rudy Giuliani. The Republicans can’t wait to self destruct again, and Doug Christie proves it, but there is one small problem.

Doug is finished. I mean it, stick a fork in him, he’s done. You see, the average person cannot really understand evil. It’s abstract. Doug, however, isn’t abstract. He created a huge traffic jam in Fort Lee to revenge himself on the mayor of Fort Lee, a political enemy. People can get this. This isn’t that abstract. It is “I sat in traffic for four hours today, and some pig from Jersey who aspires to be as fit as Tony Soprano is responsible for this. This person is supposed to use the power of government to expedite stuff like traffic jams, but instead the pig is making it worse on purpose out of personal pique”.

This isn’t about knocking off the leader of Libya so international banksters could force a central bank on Libya. This is concrete, personal, and affects our daily lives. This isn’t going away, which is good. Christie is pretty loathsome politically, and I dislike the way he threw a fellow Kelly under the bus. Good riddance.

For some articles about this I liked, click on Justin Raimondo’s and The Onion’s. The Onion had the best story, though the link might not work.  If Doug couldn’t pull this scam off successfully, how could he scam the world?

*See the free book schedules posted below, and am working on The Gods Of Time. I might actually make it a novel. Something about having parts of it online gave me ideas for pushing this project forward.