Last year, I wrote a poem that was put into a sort of free poetry anthology put together by the famous (infamous) personage, Rhonny The Reaper. She is actually Rhonda Kachur, and seemed very nice. I do not think I alluded to this before, but in light of another Valentine’s Day being upon us, I decided to put this up in case any one might be amused by it. I also made some small edits that have bothered me since I sent this to her.

I read the anthology, and I liked it, so here’s the link.

It was called Rhonny Reaper’s Poetry From The Grave (Link)

My Zombie Valentine – P.J. Kelley

“Oh Sweet Zombie O’Mine

Your fearsome visage makes me pine,

For days when Love’s sweet embrace

Was something from which I would not race.

Your meat-sweet breath on my lapel

With teeth to damn me straight to Hell.

What lofty overtures we played

Before your snarls to me were weighed

Against the cost of lover’s sorrows

That ruin’t my Zombie lover’s morals.

From what once you did shirk my love

(Who were as gentle as the dove)

You now do seek a human meat

As a living, writhing treat.

My love has aged me a’fore my time

My lovely, raging Valentine.

And so to you I look askance

From your surly countenance

I cannot venture from my course.

By this shotgun, we are divorced.

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