I just noticed my free book schedule was gone–somehow erased, or so it seems, when Amazon changed its set-up. Or, I lost track of time Something happened, though, so no books were free lately, as scheduled.

So, I just set all books to free that I could for the next five days. There is an element of despondency at work here on some level, but also a rather joyous feeling at some recent good news. Your Dear Working Boy has made some slight inroads on the financial front, and is feeling generous.

So, DEAD TO RIGHTS, THE LAZARUS LAW, and THE COMPLETE ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER TRILOGY are all free for the next five day, starting tomorrow (3/01/2014).

*Novel Note-THE GODS OF TIME is progressing somewhat. It is difficult to say when I will abandon it. “Art is never finished, merely abandoned”. I leave it to you, gentle reader, to verify the provenance of this quote. It is probably da Vinci, since he got the most Google hits, I have heard it attributed to Michelangelo as well. At any rate, I am at a good stage with this book, mainly editing it, but have no real timetable. I will make the promise to the few readers I have that I will not put the book up unless I am satisfied that its general rate of suckiness will not detract from my previous book, and make people feel foolish for ever reading and liking the first one. Personally, I hate when that happens.

Note–I am not promising a great or even a particularly good book. THE GODS OF TIME is about a strange dimension where Time, per say, is not a factor in a mortal’s life. Everything slows down to a crawl. If you had unlimited time, unlimited paper, and were locked in a high tower with a large open window, after how long in Eternity would it be before you could make paper airplanes like Foghorn Leghorn’s Poindexter stepson from The Bugs Bunny/ Road Runner Hour? I’m trying to have some fun with this concept in the upcoming book, which also deals with my love of cartoons in general.