Originally, the idea was to publish it here in a series of installments, on this blog. The idea was to practice writing, mainly.

The problem is, I have no real belly fire for this book. I wrote The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy in about 18 months, and this was about 400,000 words, but this was a story that needed to be told. The Gods Of Time is about an idea that has interested me since childhood, but it is an interest, not an obsession. ZWO is about obsession if it is about anything.

In a prior blog, I promised I would not embarrass myself or anyone who liked ZWO by publishing a really bad book. The Gods of Time is too short to be a novel, and I dislike extremely long short stories. I think “novellas” are pretentious.

So, what I will probably do is put the finished short book up here, or at most on Smashwords for free. What I would get out of it is it would hopefully promote ZWO.

What I want to write is  another in the ZWO series. I have started it, and these books write themselves. I mean, the stage is set, and all the players are ready. The problem is, I like writing The Gods of Time. It is a hobby, and I don’t suffer that much. ZWO is another kettle of fish. People complain the books are hard to read? Try writing one. You have to juggle about fifteen characters while working with a couple of different themes.

You know, ZWO started as a spoof of B movies and books. I was going to throw every hackneyed cliché from Zombiedom into one book. I had to confront a lot about myself while writing those books, and that changed m attitude. Also, I stand by my work, but I might not be able to if I wrote a ZWO Part Four that cheapened the other books. However, does not the original goal of a B Grade cultural spoof demand a shoddy sequel? I mean, would you have enjoyed Silent Hill if you had known Silent Hill 2 was inevitable? Of course not.

I’m venting today a bit. Personal issues beyond the scope of this blog, or rather, just stuff I have to deal with. I have always exemplified the failure of IQ testing, or so I always thought. I always did really well, but have never felt intelligent. I have (or had, when I was 16), a genius level IQ. That was a lot of brain cells ago. However, I am basically a loser except for the fact I make an attempt to be a good father. Studies show a high IQ can be a liability. ZWO is a pretty good book series though. I wrote it on purpose so upon rereading it, things will make more sense and more will be gotten out of it. I did it this way because some books I admire use this technique. I tried to respect the intelligence of the reader.

This has been a difficult day. Good night, and let’s run it back tomorrow. Blessings.