Some kind of psy-op is brewing in Nevada, as a couple of ranchers prepare to go mano-a-mano with the Federales, dangerously close to Waco’s 21st anniversary (21=7+7+7, more on that later). “Militia” groups are checking in to show support. At stake is the right of local ranchers to graze their cattle on State land. Though the Feds don’t own it, they want to restrict it to protect an endangered desert tortoise, supposedly.

Right now, I wouldn’t want to mess with Eric Holder. He has to be in a pretty vile mood right about now, and he was one of Reno’s Raiders, a top underboss for Janet Reno when her and the Clintons cooked about 70 Branch Davidians in Waco, about 40 of whom were children.

Obama and Victoria Nuland (Robert Kagan’s wife, more on that later), definitely blew it in the Ukraine.  Setbacks in the Libyan cover-up, as well as the need to distract from their impending release of Jonathan Pollard in one of the more craven panders to AIPAC in this new century have limited Obama’s options.

This brings us back to Waco.  I once read a comment on the Internet, years ago, and while I cannot swear it is true, it has provided ample fodder for thought since then. I will do my best to paraphrase the remark, which was anonymous, and supposedly written by someone who had left a satanic cult they were raised in.

“If historical events follow the timeline of the satanic calendar, then no matter what the reasons given, these events are usually meant to mark occult holidays.”

The individual then listed several examples, and  substantiated their claims. I think they said there was 555 days between 9-11 and the start of the Iraq War, which is significant because 555 is the occult number for Death. They gave several such examples. I did save the post, but lost it when I switched computers.

The point is, for a devil-worshipper, April 19th is like Good Friday for a Catholic. May 1st is their Easter Sunday. Pay attention to all the heinous stuff that has happened and will happen on April 19th, then consider the quote above. Note to the Nevada Ranchers–remember, The Bible can be used as a precedent for some pretty sick behavior. Remember Waco, and don’t become another holocaust to Moloch.