…Bend over and give me three quick coughs.


If the sea of cultural decadence 2014 America is immersed in has you down, give this 2003 Japanese Black Belt Theater Classic try. This is a classic film named Azumi. It’s about a couple of crazy, mixed-up MK Ultra assassin kids brainwashed for peace, Ninja-style. Starring Aya Ueto.



I am hoping events change my life so I can write more. I have never been a tourist or a hobbyist, and I need total immersion to write a novel. I’ve been a sell-out many times, but have decided to have integrity in at least one thing, my standards as a writer. I don’t care if I never finish another book, or write another line of one.  Writing for the sake of writing, writing as an exercise, does not interest me. If I am not passionate about the subject matter, I will not bore myself or the world with it.