While it is tempting to leave the spree shooter du jour to use up their fifteen minutes without comment, it might be worth discussing the real value of this shooter’s actions, which is , namely, dominating the news cycle for the valuable media real estate known as Memorial Day Weekend 2014.

A lot of important new news items were glossed over, and some memorable stories lost traction, because a socially networked World of Warcraft addict went off his meds and killed six people.

It was a perfect event to disrupt the news cycle. One of the “beautiful people” crowd goes off. His father worked on The Hunger Games. His mother dated George Lucas. His stepmother has a really cute ass. The weirdo is on Twitter, he’s on YouTube. He wrote a 100,000 word suicide note (THE CATCHER IN THE RYE  was 70,000 words, as a comparison.).

It was newsworthy.  It also dominated the three days of the Holiday. It was a well-timed little burst of mayhem.

I’m left with some questions. How does a short, weak, non-athlete stab three guys to death? I have trouble with this part.

Against my better nature, I’m linking to his manifesto (here). I read a decent chunk of this last night. I think it is a tribute to the female sex none of them lowered themselves to have sex with this whiny, self-absorbed little Chosenite.

I think something is really off here. He mixed with the family of the guy who invented the barcode. From an occult perspective, the barcode is well worth examining. The Mark of the Beast is built in to every one, I read in one of the volumes of WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, a series of books which examines things from a Biblical perspective.

Anyway, this kid controlled the news cycle at a very valuable time. Instead of focusing on real issues, we focused on excuse to promote the abolition of gun rights. Who needs to abolish free speech when all you need to do is control the news cycle? Control the news cycle. Control the news cycle.

Before you dismiss it, think about how valuable this was, not just for what got pushed, but for what didn’t get pushed.