On June 8th, 1967, an American spy ship was almost sank by the Israeli Air force. The mainly unarmed vessel was targeted and attacked for several hours with torpedoes, napalm, and 50 caliber machine gun fire. 37 Americans were killed.

Some of the Americans were U.S. Navy, some were most likely C.I.A.

The reasons given for the attack have varied dramatically over the years.

I knew somebody who survived the attack. He lived in my neighborhood. He was shocked I had ever heard of it, and even more shocked I actually knew something beyond the corporate media’s version of the event.

He was crazy, sometimes. Not always, just periodically he would go off his meds or whatever and run around he neighborhood yelling about the Liberty.

I think what really would drive you crazy is how something which had seemed so horrible and tragic would go completely unnoticed by the American people. Let’s not blame the government or the media, we all have a responsibility to get informed.

In court, if a witness is caught in one act of perjury, or a direct lie, his/her testimony is completely discredited.

These people on TV spouting the news are not under oath. Our politicians are not under oath. The only thing that keeps people from lying outside of court is a code of honor, which is lacking in these politicians and media.

So, in honor of one forgotten veteran I used to know, I try to remember this day, a day of infamy. If the lie works, they pull it off, they get away with it, then they will do it again, because that is what liars do.

There are people who despair about the futility of the 9-11 Truth Movement, in an America where people cannot wait to run down and buy a commemorative cheese platter at the Ground Zero Gift Shop. My advice? Stop squabbling about how it was done. Focus on why and who. Follow the money.

Above all, don’t fall for the the next one. If you need proof they are liars, remember the Liberty. It takes an awful lot of chutzpah to deny that one.

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