YouTube is an amazing invention, as  basic operating principle. I’ve been touring music I have listened to a lot in the past on it, and have come to a startling realization. Ice Cube isn’t kidding. He’s basically super-intelligent, probably a genius on some level, but in his general outlook, he is a stultified orangutan, morally. I mean, what a potty mouth.  His song about the nymphomaniac white Catholic schoolgirl is way beyond offensive. Now he’s making family comedies. Crazy, man.

Still, he hearkens back to the Vaudevillian days of the “triple threat”, the actor, singer, writer, somewhat of a dancer. I mean, he is a Negro after all. I have never seen him dance, but I am sure he is at least passable. Now, at this point, your politically correct sensor kicked in. I just used the “N-Word Lite”. If you are offended, never listen to Ice Cube’s music. You will be dissolved into a self-righteous froth as you hear “The Real N Word” repeatedly.

Also, I will stop using the word Negro when the United Negro College Fund does.

I was friends with a girl of the Negro persuasion when I was in college. A lot of black people castigated me about it, even black men who made a point of dating only white girls. Still, the major obstacle there was we were young, crazy, and drank too much. I’m not saying there were not social and cultural obstacles. I believe I have had a tendency to accept people I had a rapport with since the true minority I have encountered is people I have a rapport with. It’s made me learn to value friendship.

Chuck D. is someone I have a political rapport with, through listening to his music. I honestly believe we had the wrong black guy in as president.

Look at what we’re fighting over. IRS losing their emails. Re-surging in Iraq. Hillary for President (again, again,again). Illegal Immigrants. The dollar is about to crack. There is a whole litany of problems, and who was prognosticating about them twenty years ago? Ice Cube and Chuck D. , that’s who.

America, the usual electoral process is non-functional. It is time for the rappers to take over. Look at their “bling”. They are gold bugs, and were gold bugs at the bottom of the gold market. Would Chuck D. have invaded Iraq? Better yet, would he be quibbling over why we should re-invade the mistake? Would Chuck D. endorse the Police Surveillance State, NSA, FBI, etc.? Not in this day and time, my brother.

These are truly self-made men, with ideas schooled by real life, not some Ivy League fraternity/sorority. They have faced danger. What danger did Barack and Michelle Obama ever face? The Obamas are safe, as long as they toe the line for the IRS/Federal Reserve/NSA axis of evil that is destroying our children’s futures.

However, Ice Cube could never win. I find Chuck D.’s philosophy to be more fully formed, so he officially has my endorsement for 2016 for President of the USA. Yo Chuck, drop kick it to them. I’ll work for your campaign for free, email me.