I’m going for it, Zombie World Order style. This blog is a backlash, a flaming broadside against pig culture, Animal Farm style.

What prompted this is Chelsea “I tried to care about money but I couldn’t” Clinton (See article). This statement from her has been bugging me for  variety of reasons.

First, this woman never earned a dollar in her life the hard way.

She married into a family of international bankers. One of their forebears financed both Lenin and Hitler.

She’s a fraud. On 9-11, when Hillary lied about Chelsea jogging by the Twin Towers when they fell, Chelsea never corrected her.

People who live off the public grift never care about money. They care about Power, because they know Power is how they get things. Nobody cares about money, not really. They care about things. Show me somebody who voluntarily lives without things, and I will show you someone who doesn’t care about money.

I’ve met three people in my life who cared about money. All of them were what Ayn Rand would have called a “first raters”.  They helped generate genuine wealth.

The Clintons are parasites, fat maggots suckling at the lifeblood of America. They are bestial. Of course Chelsea doesn’t care about money. She has everything, and has always had everything.

Are we ever going to get tired of getting lectured by these crass, shallow, self indulgent cretins called the Clintons? Do we really need to go into extra innings with these people? Enough is enough.

Is this all contrived? Are the Clintons just these threats that get rubbed into our faces every couple of years, with the unstated promise they will go away if we vote for someone else?

I will always like Barack, because for 8 years, he kept the one of the worst people in the world from achieving her sociopath’s desire for unmitigated power for power’s sakes. The Clintons might have been successful lawyers if they had not gotten into politics, if the drugs and booze and girls hadn’t stopped them. Without the secret service and state police, their defects would have had few enablers.

But, Hillary failed the bar exam at least once. Bill is flawed, deeply flawed. I doubt they would have made it to the top of the private sector, and they would never have made the money they have made in “Public Service”. No way.

The Clintons owe us, the American Taxpayer, for everything that sets them apart from other hack lawyers. Yet they have the audacity to turn up their snouts at the trough of money they have been rooting into for the past forty years.  Now that they are somewhat sated, they are spurning their pig-slop. Worse than happy pigs, they are ungrateful pigs who think they did us a favor, just by living.