At the risk of being self-referential, I am linking to an earlier blog of mine concerning the terrorist group MEK (Who The Heck Is MEK?). My reason for doing this is because I have always suspected MEK was the true force behind the Syrian terrorists.

MEK is a group crazies left over from the heady days of the Iranian Revolution and the overthrow of the Shah. Ayatollah Khomeini must have thought they were too crazy even for his purposes, and cut them out of power.

MEK was upset.

Now, I am expected to believe Muslim fanatics call their group “ISIS”, after the pagan goddess of the Egyptians. Also, I am expected to believe ISIS, who I never heard of before their recent media launch, is hardcore and fully-formed, and just declared a Muslim Caliphate.

The links showing Neocons like John McCain support Syrian terrorists are quite clear. There are even Memorial Day pictures of him with them. So, the Syrian terrorists go to Iraq, and now they are called ISIS.

Is it possible that in a Hollywood kind of way, ISIS just sounds better than MEK?

Where is MEK now? Why did the War Party, the Hillarys, the Bill Kristols, the Chuck Schumers, lobby so hard to make MEK a legal outfit so they could donate money to them and not get tried for treason?

It is not like the Neocon gang to stick their necks out for something that is not in their self-interest, is it? They got MEK legal, and just let MEK retire? These are shadowy people about their real intentions. Getting somebody like Hillary to publicly support MEK costs money, a lot of money. Although the corporate media is asleep at the switch, nobody likes to go on public record supporting terrorists groups like MEK unless it is the highest priority.

So, where the Heck is MEK?

My guess? Like the 70’s kids show I rather liked, MEK turned into the Almighty ISIS, except this ISIS is not a hot Egyptian professor with a cute Asian student assistant and a boyfriend with a 7o’s porno mustache. This ISIS is a bunch of hardcore killers funded by American Neocons to destabilize the Mid and Near East to further the cause of the Neocon’s twisted ambitions.