Remember The Maine?

The Gulf of Tonkin?

The U.S.S. Liberty

Pearl Harbor?


Have you ever reflected on how stupid people are? Jews are supposedly the smartest people on the planet, average I.Q. 106. This means at least half of them are under 106. This means the average Jew is 40 points below me in I.Q. So comparing me to the average of the smartest people in the world is like comparing them to someone with an average I.Q. of 66. 66 is probably barely functional.

This means that if you are reading this, I am probably smarter than you. Not better, just smarter. I have stopped punishing myself for this. I don’t owe you an apology because you are stupid (at least compared to me).

I used to think so.

On July 17th, 1996, TWA 800 crashed and burned.

Below is a list of significant events involving July 16.

The most important event is “Sirius Rising”. This was a critical date in Ancient Egyptian astronomy, since this was when they knew when to plant their wheat crops. Not long after Sirius appeared after the winter, the Nile would flood, and irrigate the fields.

Through history, the date of Sirius Rising has varied a bit, but typically it occurs this week, between 7/12 to 7/20. Sirius, “The Dog Star” appears during the dog days of summer.

Jon Rappoport wrote this recently

“…As for the giant vista of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, I believe there are still a number of mysteries to be solved. And perhaps they will remain unsolved, until we can seriously entertain the prospect of a language that simultaneously operates on several levels: “earth-talk, sky-talk, and code.”

Or as a scholar-friend once suggested, “Think of old Egyptian glyphs as a multi-dimensional CIA, headed up by an executive committee of archetypes, each of which has its own secret cryptology.”

There is no doubt that the glyphs detail a number of realms acting in concert…”

This explains quite a bit. Egypt is the source of secret societies, and the glyphs are in code–triple, quadruple, quintuple entendres of shades and levels of meaning. The people see a billboard,and take the picture at face value, but the initiates are interpreting the billboard on much less symbolic levels–they are communiques in code.

So, it is our duty to use our noodles a bit. If we do not have the secret decoder ring, we do not have any confidence in our absolute ability to know what numerological message is being exchanged, if there is one. We do have clues. Pagan religions always involve an element of human sacrifice. Blood is very important. Read your Bible, and pay attention to how a temple is consecrated.

With the recent Malaysian flight which blew up on 7/17 /2014, how quickly the corporate media started to raise conspiracy theories in order to debunk them. This was out of process for them. Usually, a “conspiracy theory” will gain some traction before they start to revile it. This actually made me take a harder look at this catastrophe.

You should probably save a copy of this YouTube clip above. This kind of thing has a shorter and shorter shelf life on the Internet. Victoria Nuland admitted on tape the State Department funneled 5 billion dollars (at least) to insurgents to destabilize the Ukraine over the past few years. We saw the results when the elected government got deposed and killed by the new thugs the U.S. government, which does not represent me, put in.

What’s my point? Fix your personal lives. I fixed mine. Every time you buy a pack of cigarettes, drugs, or booze, you are paying the worst people in the world an annuity. You are a financial instrument for the New World Order. Also, when the SHTF, the  addicts will be insane.  The people who have to loot to stay high are going to be a liability. Does this sound objective enough?

As for the Malaysian airplane that crashed, I don’t have the secret decoder ring to figure out who did it. Signs point towards numerologists, therefore occultists.  What I have become is aware that these events are Kabuki theater, set-pieces with pre-arranged outcomes. I personally am convinced I do not have enough information to form an opinion, and that evil men and women are seeking to try to get the rest of you to form one. They do not love you, and your death would mean nothing to them. They will (briefly) need your sanction and approval for the next war, as GWBush rode a wave of 9-11 panic into the Iraq quagmire. Did you fall for that? I did. Never again.

My excuse is I lived 50 blocks from the World Trade Center when they were imploded. You kind of had to be living there. There were a lot of tourists back then after the fact, but you had to be there when it was going down. They discovered the first Anthrax envelopes at that big Post office across from Madison Square Garden, three blocks from my apartment.

The government is like a dysfunctional family. If you trust them, or let them in at all, they are going to lie to you and try to f–k you, because that’s what crazy and stupid people do. 9-11 and the ensuing events took the blinders off, at least for me, Once the demon is revealed, your best play is to thank them for finally being honest.


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