Have you ever had to ride in a car with an angry alcoholic who is driving?

It’s one of the most unpleasant situations in the world. You are literally a captive to some diseased brain’s every whim. Most of them are quite familiar with wrecking their car, so they are a lot more comfortable with the idea of dying and taking you with them, although of course this implies some rational thought process on their part.

I grew up riding around with such people, and recently had a refresher course.  It reminded me of other times I was held captive. On these occasions, I was in traffic jams, stuck listening to talk radio to ease the boredom.

I don’t hate people like Mark Levine and Sean Hannitty because I never listened to them. I have listened to them quite a lot. I am the quintessential road warrior. I have listened to all kinds of crazy stuff while stuck in traffic, and I have been stuck  in traffic  a lot.

I don’t hate the guy who started it all, Rush Limbaugh. At least Rush understands it is a show. He’s a drug addict shilling for the CFR, but at least he is entertaining.

In a nutshell, I hate Mark Levine because his first loyalty is to Zionism, yet he paints himself as this great American patriot. Plus he is boring and ultimately stupid enough to think he is fooling anybody who thinks. His show is dull.

I hate Hannitty because it takes an Irish person, or at least a person of Irish extraction, to hate another person of Irish extraction with the proper amount of vitriol.  We need to police each other.

Hannitty styles himself as some kind of ethnic Catholic made good, but he is a greasy little pork chop. He’d say anything for a buck. If he went off script, he’d be off the air forever in about thirty seconds, and he knows it. That is why he is still on the radio. There is no independent thought, no segues into reason in Hannitty’s world.

He invites people on his show, asks them loaded and leading questions, and then insults them if they suggest anything can be more complex than his loudmouthed regurgitation of Neocon talking points.

It would be immaterial, but I know for a fact that there are people who listen to him. Not only that, but they still take him seriously after years of his being miserably wrong about every major event of the last 15 years. Hannitty was  wrong about Iraq, and wrong about Syria. He was wrong about Afghanistan. He was, and is, wrong.

Recently, he had some Muslim guy on his show, and started insulting him when the guy tried to explain some of the history behind the recent violence in the Gaza Strip.

No, the obvious question that should be asked of the Zionist gang is this–why not Germany? Why Palestine? Why didn’t we just give the Jews Germany? After all. Palestinians didn’t gas them in WW2, and that statement is true by any standard. So why torture the Palestinians for what the Germans did?

I have never had a rational explanation for this question. Why not Germany?  All this blather about who was right from 1948 on is mere quibbling. I’m talking First Principles here. As a Christian, I only accept The New Testament. Therefore, I am not impressed by a bunch of atheistic, communistic Jews from Eastern Europe waving The Old Testament in my face and calling it a real estate deed. This would be farcical if they were not armed and serious.

I appreciate the magnitude of the suffering people experienced in WW2. Both my grandfathers’ were there, and one of them used to tell me horror stories of concentration camp inmates being rescued, being given a slice of bread, and dying on the spot. Though people deny these stories, I got it straight from a first hand, eye-witness survivor. “Death by a Meal” stories are true.

So why not Germany? The Jews who colonized Israel were all from Germany, Poland, Russia, etc. Why didn’t we just give them Germany, instead of Palestine?

If one man’s terrorist is not another man’s freedom fighter, than how does Hannitty, Levine, and the rest justify supporting M.E.K. getting taken off the terrorist list? All the Neocons supported this. Now they can donate money to terrorists without risking jail time.

Hannitty loves whatever terrorists he’s told to love, and hates whoever he is told to hate. People like him are dangerous, hateful cowards. Since the day I realized him and Levine were beasts, I have never listened to them long enough for anything other than voice recognition and channel changing. If they had any honor, they would kill themselves for the role they played in so many people dying needlessly in Iraq, and so many young American veterans committing suicide after their tours in Iraq. How demented the thought process must be which allows Levine to think he is a valid member of the human race, and how stupid Sean Hannitty is to think, against all opposition, he has any right to criticize anyone, let alone express another in a long line of inane and erroneous opinions..