Click the link to get a to get my 652 page Zombie epic for free this weekend.

This is the best edited version of this book, in case you downloaded one of the other parts before.

The books evolved even after I published them first, because I learned quite a bit about the process after the fact, so I kept proofing it until it was acceptable.

There is a chestnut of wisdom in this. We must attempt activities to improve on them. I’m surrounded by snide, supercilious people who would be more than happy to stop thinly veiling their criticisms of attempting to write a good book if I did not have the perfect response–do better.

This invariably makes them retreat back into their smug, supercilious superiority, which doesn’t offend me. As long as I don’t have to actually listen to their bullshit, I’m cool.

Invariably, these people have read every book. Just ask them. yet, typically, they can’t name a single character or outline the plot of any of these books. Their literary pursuits ended when the forced Cliff Notes feeding academia put on them mercifully ended for them. Why do stupid people insist on getting even partially educated? It only confuses them and makes them unhappy and unsuitable for the menial tasks they are best suited for.

Yet, out respect for myself, I’m sincere about this. If somebody doesn’t like my book, do better. I will read it, and I will actually know ( and admit it) if true.

The writings of the few people who have really hated my books and had any kind of coherent criticisms of them have failed to impress me. The well-versed reader might enjoy my books just for the constant literary references I inserted, which, sadly, few have discerned.

I don’t often tout my books. Why am I doing it now? Consider rap music, at least in its early days, which is when I stopped listening to it .

Most rap albums consisted of two types of songs back then–1. Why my rap band is great, and 2. why your rap band sucks (there were other topics).

In other words, it is necessary to self promote occasionally, to affirm publicly the belief in ones own work, if nothing else.

My books are well researched journeys into what are called “conspiracy theories”. I was the first person I knew to know any of this stuff, yet a lot of this material is eye opening.

Consider the physical dimensions of The Washington Monument in relation to The Mark of The Beast. Consider the Luciferian layout of Washington D.C., and this can be extrapolated to many other large cities and structures. When I discovered a lot of this material on the Internet in the late 90s, I was considered a lunatic when I talked about it. Yet, now this kind of thing is “old hat”. So download my book for a rainy day.

Consider the layout of the pyramids of Egypt in relation to the brightest stars and constellations of The Milky Way. All it took was satellite images and an open mind, and this improbable relationship was revealed. I mean, scope this:


My books review a lot of topics; 12 Step Philosophy, politics, religion and The New World Order. They were meant as satires, but irony is dead in our present age.