Looks like we’ll all be dead soon, as Ebola sweeps the nation. Not with a bang or a whimper, but rather dissolving into a bitter pile of putrefied organs. We tried to warn you, but once Americans stopped being gung-ho warriors for the Federal Reserve Bank in Syria and everywhere else The Fed needs hired guns, we became as expendable as West Africans.

It’s a global economy. Globalization encourages the spread of disease, from the plague infested rats the Italians brought home from Silk Road excursions, to the syphilis Columbus and his refugees from 1492 Spain gave to the Indians.

Used to be the borders were closed naturally. People had to take a pretty long boat ride over here, so if they had an incurable, highly contagious disease it would show before they hit the dock. Diseased boat people could be quarantined, and they were.

Nowadays, people just boogey right on by the stalwart TSA. There is a lot of incompetence enabled by empowered crazies who want to see the prophecies of The Georgia Guidestones fulfilled in their lifetimes via satellite cameras linked in to their underground bunkers.

Wouldn’t a population cull be pretty well-timed right now? After all, the Fed can’t sell their bullshit forever. The problem with America is there is so much darn infrastructure. Blowing it up would be wasteful. Just get rid of all the people, and you still have a lot of mazunga in the bank. You eliminate a lot of debt. Once the market tanks, everyone’s pockets will be picked. Wipe us out, and you won’t even have to shell for Social Security, which they were going to welsh on anyway.

Face it, WW3 just isn’t selling. Nobody really gives a shit about the Mid East unless you are a Jewish, Muslim or Christian fanatic. If going over there and shooting them accomplished something constructive, I would be all for it, but all we are accomplishing is bankrupting our country. Even completely apathetic people are waking up to this uncomfortable truth.

There’s really not much hope here. If our politicians and hired gun thinkers decided to try to tell the truth nobody would believe them. What are they going to say, that if we don’t pledge to eternal war the Central Banksters are going let loose a modern day plague?

Did we have a warning? Sure. ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER, THE COMPLETE TRILOGY. Here is another tip. Colloidal silver is probably the only thing going to save your ass.