The Zombie World Order is curious about Media and the way news stories are handled, and I linked to a couple of good ones above.

Two PA Democrat State Senators were walking late at night in Harrisburg and were getting mugged until one (Marty Flynn) pulled a gun and drove off the attackers, who were also armed.

No one was hurt, so I suppose one form of gun control is people just being poor marksmen. My grandfather was a lifelong hunter and won a Silver Star in WW2, and I shudder to think what he could have done to someone with two shots at mugging distance. Both the muggers and the Senator missed, and one wonders how this could be possible at such close range.

At any rate, Flynn gets some kudos for pulling out his gun and defending himself from his attackers. Maybe not the smartest way to play it, but who really wants to die of old age in a hospital bed? In addition, the other Senator, a fellow named Bizzarro (for real) was fired at. Flynn and Bizzarro are roommates, so perhaps Flynn was trying to protect his lover.

Whatever the motive, I am curious to see what spin gets placed on this. Democrats won’t like it, because it shows guns can be used effectively by non-professionals to stop street crime. I would anticipate the Media centers the Democrats control will ignore this, or make Flynn out to be a nut.

Republicans won’t like it either. One imagines a crying, begging Dick Cheney on the ground groveling for mercy if confronted with a gun, at least if he was sober. This serial draft dodger represents the “manly” faction of the GOP, who spend a lot of time in lavatories ensconced with “glory holes”.

*Interesting historical aside–Public toilets in New York City almost all have “glory holes”, or holes bored in the side so men in adjacent stalls can have anonymous sex. I read this factoid after I moved out of New York, and had a horrible, retching sensation. You see, I once used (when particularly desperate) either a subway toilet or one near the big library near Grand Central Station. I noticed a hole bored in the wall, but did not get the significance. I think I imagined it was a leftover from a failed toilet dispenser installation. The hole was pretty professionally bored. They must have used one of those circular drills. I mean, it wasn’t chopped through with an axe. Forget calling me a homophobe for a moment and allow me to ask you this–what is the mental state of a man who would put his penis in a glory hole in a subway toilet? Is this healthy?

Marty Flynn is from Scranton, which reminds me of a famous joke which I believe originated in Scranton, involving a prostitute, a large black man, and a young Irish boy. I won’t offend you with the joke itself, but the punchline was “No, I just want to buy a couple of yards of that fence.”

So, how do we spin Marty Flynn? To backtrack a bit, I doubt Bizzarro and him are homosexuals. A lot of young politicians will share apartments in the Capitol when starting out. They save money and can keep their permanent homes in their Districts. It also helps them engage in gay sex with each other. I better be careful or Flynn will want to shoot me next. Fortunately, I feel pretty safe. He is a pretty lousy shot.

However, kidding aside, being gay might work to Flynn’s advantage in this situation. The Democrats would be more likely to make him a cause célèbre, especially since the GOP would be doubly confused.

Flynn could style himself as more of a Democrat in the JFK mode. This would work. JFK is still enormously popular in Flynn’s home district. I hope this guy has the sense and the team around him to get ahead of this and spin it in the best way possible for him.

if nothing else, it’s good to read about a politician showing some personal courage, not just bravery when sending others into battle.It’s a victory for the right to bear arms, and in a practical way, having a gun kept two young people from becoming statistics, martyrs to the New World Order Agenda of disarming the people so they can institute a terroristic dystopia.