I tried putting updating this blog yesterday. It just wasn’t meant to be, but consider this a belated remembrance of the 51st anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

I tried writing a blog about the history of assassins. Got interrupted and the screen froze, so I had to close out without being able to save changes.

Not coincidentally, I will review Mockingjay: Part One.

The Controversy of Zion, a book by Douglas Reed, covers a lot of ground about assassins, at least up to the 1950’s. You can find it for free as a PDF or just buy it on Amazon. I wish people read real books like that one.

More modern political assassins, like Jared Loughner who killed a Federal Judge in Tuscon, are more “activated” than conscripted.

I’ve been reading about artificial memory getting implanted into lab mice. In my experience, when this type of thing is discussed in journals, it has already been going on for years and releasing some research about it is a form of cover-up.

Is it JFK Day or Assassin’s Day?

11/22 is a day I have often gone to the movies alone, ala Lee Harvey Oswald. I’ve been thinking about JFK today, 51 years ago today in Dealey Plaza.

I went to see Mockingjay: Part One. Good example of what I mean. Peta gets activated, like the Manchurian Candidate. He’s programmed with artificial memories, a programmed assassin to take out Katniss. Great movie.

So who killed Kennedy? Mick Jagger sang “After all, it was you and me.” This is obviously false, since  I was not alive in 1963.

A lot of groups wanted JFK dead.

I remember when I was a kid there was a movie about JFK, and Yacob Rubinstein (aka Jack Ruby) was depicted as having to pull his car over and have a little crying jag when he heard the awful news. Then he went into a patriotic tizzy and shot Oswald in a fit of revenge.

For what, one wonders?

I’ll call him Jack Ruby, though his real name was Yacob Rubinstein. In the movie I saw he was depicted as a patriotic nightclub owner.

It came out he knew Meyer Lansky and a bunch of other mobsters and was basically a mobbed up pimp sent to Dallas to run a brothel.

Why did Ruby throw his life away by killing Oswald? Theories:

  • He knew he would be dead from lung cancer soon, so it was a Walter White kind of move.
  • He owed a massive amount of money to the mob
  • He thought he’d get away with it in the confusion, or he wouldn’t do  much time.
  • He had a higher purpose, or so he thought. He was doing it for a perceived greater good
  • He went nuts

If you study the history of assassins, you discover something surprising. Yacob Rubinstein had something in common with at least ten other assassins I could name off the top of my head. Guys who knocked off Russian czars, American governors, federal judges, German diplomats. A UN Mediator. President McKinley. What do they have in common? They believed in a One World Government, whether through Zionism or some other collectivist philosophy/evolutionary strategy. I mean a cursory review of history reveals a disproportionate number of assassins are at least ethnically Jewish, and have so far taken out at least one American President.

Obama is getting assassinated in the media everyday, but also had a real threat from The Atlanta Jewish Times. Some yo-yo named Adler said Obama should be killed because he’s a threat to Israel. Nothing happened to him. I’ll get in more trouble from the meta data police for this blog than he did. They said the same about JFK for trying to stop Israel from getting nukes. Now the whole world is being held nuclear hostage by a shitty little country about the size of New Jersey.

Now tell me why only Israeli citizens are allowed to be dual American citizens and hold public office in the United States?

Yacob Rubinstein (aka Jack Ruby) was an ardent Zionist, a belief system which propounds One World Governance.

JFK was in the way.

The American Republic died at the moment of JFK’s very public slaughter, a death which smacks of human sacrifice. It was  a message. Most Americans leaders appear to have gotten it, and the sheeple always fall into line.

There is a lot of evidence and facts that relate a lot of assassinations of important people to some kind of covert agenda for a new world order one needs to sift through before entering the modern era, such as Michael Chertoff’s role in the 9-11 cover-up.

So is 11/22 JFK Remembrance Day or is it Assassin Day? It is both.

I realize I shouldn’t be writing about this as it doesn’t help book sales, but I already feel like a target from the One Worlders anyway.