Short term, my Friday prediction of a spike is wrong, as gold has dropped about %5 since then, about 50 bucks.

The chart below plainly shows the lease rate imbalance prior to the 2008 spike. There was a similar occurrence back in 2000, when gold jumped from 200 to 400.

In other words, I still predict a spike. The POG getting run down is a sign of panic.

Now, I realize I sound like a global warming buff attributing record low temperatures to global warming. The truth is, gold spiking up is inevitable. I wouldn’t expect to call an exact bottom.

Now, why am I interested?

Well, the gold cabal killed my father. Not literally, of course. They killed his dreams. They killed his simple, almost childlike belief in America. The gold riggers killed a lot of honest investors in this manner. What are they left are not dreamers with simple, childlike beliefs. What are left is people like me, who want to see the gold riggers guillotined in front of Abe Lincoln’s statue in Washington, D.C.

If you read my blog and my book, you might detect a trace of disbelief on my part in the media and the government. All honesty in government and economics comes from real money, gold and silver. When this sacred trust is violated by our government, this means they are lying about literally everything else.

I didn’t get along with my father, but when he died, I sent the best flowers to his wake of anyone. By gangster law, I loved him the most.

So, if you think the price of gold is off topic for the Zombie World Order Blog, think again. Nothing is further from the truth.

My book is free for a couple of hours, so download it.