Welcome to the last trifecta sequential of this century. Since the dawn of the new millennium, we have been spoiled by a plethora of trifecta sequentials.

The first was 01/02/03, or January 2nd, 2003. Since the highest number numerical month is 12, there will be no 13-14-15.

There will not be a another one until 2100 a.d.

So enjoy the waning hours of this odd statistical day. I hope it was very special.

I myself was briefly afflicted with a sense of how futile my life seems as the “nippers” roust me through life and Christmas. Things were simpler when I was completely broke. Now that I am treading water, I have room for existential angst.

Also, I feel like the economic and social rollercoaster of destiny is poised at the top of the hill. I believe forces are contextualizing events to suit an agenda.

America is not that racist of a country. We have a black president 60% of people voted for (who voted) the first time. I didn’t follow the last election. True, Romney is a stiff, but Obama did win.

So, the whole Ferguson thing is being shaped as racial.  The whole anti-cop thing seems Bolshevik to me. Let me explain:

The Bolsheviks initially only took over one Russian city. To promote social unrest, they killed all the cops and then opened up the prisons and mental hospitals. They created a crisis, and then didn’t let it go to waste. Sound familiar? It should. The people pulling Obama’s puppet strings, i.e., the Rahm Emmanuel crowd, espouse doing exactly this.

Once the Russian people were suffering enough from the chaos, they were willing to let the hardcore Bolshevik Communists take over. Then, the slaughter of the people of this Christian country began. The Communist Holocaust of the Russian and Ukrainian people was by far the largest and most horrific event in history.

The past is prologue.

It’s all about central banking. It’s the whole deal. They have a license to print money.

The question isn’t whether they would kill to preserve this. The question is how many people they would kill to preserve it. Hint-a couple hundred million in the preceding century.

How many are going to die in this dawning century?

Something to think about on this last trifecta sequential of the last century we’ll see. We’ll never live to write the date as three in a row again. Maybe our children might.

Maybe not.