Back in July, Diane Sawyer reported about missile damage in Israel caused by Palestinian rockets. The visual aids used were footage and photos of the destruction. It was pretty horrific, but there was a problem.

The actual destruction shown was of a Palestinian home destroyed by Israeli rockets. There wasn’t much damage caused by the actual rocket attack which supposedly came from Palestinian sources into Israeli held land. Palestinian rockets are pretty sucky. So, Sawyer and her cohorts had to use footage of an Israeli attack on Palestinians, because Israel did a lot more newsworthy damage. You get better rockets when American Taxpayers are forced to pay for them.

Sawyer apologized and the Zionist owned ABC retracted the story halfheartedly, but the damage was done. People watching at a psychologically important time got mind controlled, and even if a retraction was offered, it smacked of butt covering.

Let’s just look at the mistake. They got the area wrong, the perpetrators wrong, and the victims wrong. They got caught, and then apologized after they got caught.

Tell me these cretins don’t miss the pre-Internet days. Now everybody is a fact checker.

Is Diane Sawyer responsible for the erroneous reporting? Does she owe the people who watch her show any real time commitment to veracity?

Could she not have known? Am I picking on her unfairly?

She has to have known, or suspected, the fake story was planted by the people she worked with. She never accused them, or outed anyone as too ultra Zionist to present any news at all fairly. After all, every kid learned the basic question (5 W’s of reporting, who, what, where, when , why etc.). How could a pro have gotten every basic question wrong?

The Answer–They didn’t. It wasn’t a mistake. It was a blatant lie. It also discredits everything ABC ever did, and also, by extension, Diane Sawyer.

Now, bearing this in mind, let’s examine ABC’s persecution of Mel Gibson, and by extension, the whole Zionist media’s persecution of Mel Gibson.

The Zionist media has displayed a willingness to lie about something really important, namely, a missile attack and a war crime against civilians. ABC and Diane Sawyer made a “blood libel” against Palestinians about something that matters, human lives and their destruction.

So let’s talk about an actor who doesn’t matter nearly as much as kids getting blown up in missile attacks. In fact, this guy is a pathetic, insignificant nothing in the grand scheme of things compared to a dead child, and I say this with respect to Mel Gibson as an artist. Mel Gibson, may have been lied about. He may have been unfairly attacked by Diane Sawyer when she interviewed him in the wake of his DUI arrest. Who knows? Diane Sawyer works for liars, and is a liar who got caught. Should we trust her or her coworkers to report the time of day?

Don’t ask me. I disconnected the cable long ago. Make your own decisions.