Above is a link to an excellent video by Ryan Dawson called “War By Deception”. Dawson has been around for several years, and The Zombie World Order would like to display his work. He has come far, and this video contains excellent new and old material. Trust no one in The 911 Truth Movement of course, but Dawson I can’t help having some confidence in. I believe he’s sincere, and for what it’s worth, I endorse this video and am taking the liberty of promoting it to the extent I am able. *Update on gold lease rates, which I explored in a few posts right around Thanksgiving. I am sussing out how the Swiss delinking from the euro will alter events in the gold market. I wish I had more salient deductions. The inversion in the the one month and one year ratio I pointed out still indicated a near term bottom was put in around Thanksgiving when silver (briefly) flashed below $15. I am not a trader, but if i was, it would be open season, as volatility in the precious metals is in the air. Whether prices go up or down, there will be wild swings. My bias is up. au_go_0060_lsb