Like all anti-TV snobs who won’t have one in their home, when out I watch guilt-free TV at every opportunity. Last week, I encamped in a grocery store where they had a snack area with a TV showing the nightly news.

I watched the local and national news while I waited.

The local news was about a scandal involving deflated footballs and a Super Bowl contender.The Patriots supposedly deflated their footballs to gain an advantage in the AFC Championship.

It worked. How do deflated footballs account for a thirty point victory? They won in a blow-out. I pray for the ghost of Chuck Bednarik to rise from the grave and show the world why football is a great sport. Hopefully, it will involve carnage of the profiteers who abuse it. It’s just a game, a game with a few billion dollars riding on it.

Next up on the local was a decap viddy showing some ultra violence being tolchocked onto some Japanese droogs. The green screen was obvious to anyone who’d ever seen a green screen.

Then, the national news, which covered the exact same two stories in their lead off. A non-scandal that at most affected whether the Patriots covered the spread or not, and a fake beheading film in front of a green screen.

They used to let Charlie Manson on TV once in a while, at least until he started comparing abortion clinics to Auschwitz. Then he kind of disappeared. Charlie was victimized for believing in free speech too. He supposedly talked a couple of loonies into hacking up a bunch of people one summer.Nobody ever proved Charlie killed anyone. They didn’t try. Charlie is in jail for forever for talking. He ran his mouth, strummed his guitar, and his followers were so impressed they killed for his words.

What happened to Charlie is he was victimized by the free speech of the Beatles. The Beatles were a bunch of hippy druggies who liked layering hidden messages into their music. Backmasking, it’s called, and they admitted it a few years ago.Charlie, high as a kite in the Haight started hearing this stuff and started getting ideas. It impacted his general outlook and outward behavior.

So Charlie was abused by free speech and went a little nuts. His entourage went along with it and carried out deeds this tiny little acid freak could never have pulled off. On his own, Charlie would have set off to find an address in Beverly Hills and just got lost and drove around for three days until he came down.

If Charlie had sold them the Brooklyn Bridge, or a story about deflated footballs, or a mockumentary about fake terrorists in a movie studio, people would have laughed and said let the buyer beware. Didn’t they laugh at us after we invaded Iraq on the WMD farce? Didn’t they sell cheese platters at the WTC memorial gift shop after we invaded Afghanistan and six other countries to get Bush’s business partner?

They are still laughing at us.

So fuck it, #JeSuisCharlieManson.