On January 23, 1911,  Fitzhugh Coyle Goldsborough shot David Graham Philips six times in Gramercy  Park, Manhattan, outside the Princeton Club. Then Goldsborough shot himself in the head. Both men died from the injuries.

Philips features prominently in the book mentioned in my last post, THE MUCKRAKERS. He started out as a reporter, went to editor, wrote a novel, quit and became an investigative journalist after he could live off the royalties from his book.

He wrote a series of really inflammatory articles about corruption in the U.S. Senate. Before him, state legislators would select senators for a six year term. Phillis was responsible for the 17th Amendment of The Constitution, which forced senators to be duly elected, not chosen. Phillips basically unseated 20 out of the 24 senators he despised most.

A literary badass. He could even be forgiven for his bow tie. After all the enemies he must have made, he wound up getting shot by someone who supposedly thought Phillips had lampooned his family in one of his books. Below I pasted three photos. One of Phillips, the second the movie portrayal of his literary character who offended Goldsborough, and last, the murderer himself.

Phillips was murdered pre-Internet, and pre-Zombie World Order blog, so I am going to question his death as being quite suspicious. I owe Phillips this for trying to make the world a better place.

To start, let’s look at John Hinckley Junior, the man who supposedly shot Ronald Reagan for Jodi Foster. Reagan was coming out of a speech to The Teamsters when the puny Hinckley managed to break through the Secret Service. This also resulted in a long standing gun control meme when one of Reagan’s people got shot pretty badly as well.

Who had the motive for killing Reagan? George Herbert Bush, CIA spook, failed and resentful presidential candidate, and change agent for The New World Order. Also, a family friend of the Hinckleys, if you want to believe everything you read. I’ve had my fill of the Bush Crime syndicate. I do not believe Hinckley shot Reagan because of a movie called Taxi driver, though I enjoyed the film immensely.

I am reminded of another book about an assassin, I HEAR YOU PAINT HOUSES. This is a confessional style book from one of the world’s great mob hitmen. Basically, he said if someone was too big to kill by anyone sane, they would find a nut. Joe Colombo was the example. What black guy in his right mind would shoot the top guy at Italian Pride Day in he middle of Central Park and think he would get away with it?  Some nut.

Jared Loughner. Some nut who killed a federal judge. Why? Oh, he was a nut. There is an endless list of nuts killing famous and hard to hit people.

There are some occult implications to Goldsborough. He was born on 1331 K Street Northwest, Washington, D.C, on 13th Street. K being next to M Street, another 13. He was fond of forming pentagrams from his own name, and if Garbo’s character in the picture below indicates anything, Phillips portrayed her as having some occult influences. Satanic bloodline much?

If this shooting had happened today, there would have been a lot of people wondering about it. True, there are simply crazy people, but what if these people were being guided? Could someone have been feeding Goldsborough’s paranoia  about Phillips? Phillips changed the Constitution. He stepped on some toes. Maybe History should take a pause and have another look-see before we throw him to the nuts?