Kids For Cash is a documentary film made about a scandal in Northeastern Pennsylvania involving a couple of judges who got kickbacks for sending juvenile delinquents to a private juvenile detention facilities. At least, this is what it is billed as, and how the case was presented to the people through the Media.

In actuality, as the movie presents, the judges were never convicted for “Kids for Cash”, they were convicted for tax evasion and crimes associated with covering this up. This is not supposed to matter, as long as convictions were procured and the bad guys went to prison, but it does matter. In fact, naming the true crime is the only thing that does matter in this whole mess. If this case had truly been tried, Society as a whole would have been in the dockets, not just the legal and education businesses, but the slave mentality being pounded into all of us on a daily basis.

Two important factors in the mix here are the Columbine shootings and our prison system. A lot of prisons are run by private companies, using prison labor and even using prisoners as biological research specimens. It’s a big business. Couple this mentality with post Columbine hysteria, and the sort of businessman type judge depicted in Kids For Cash saw an opportunity to make a buck.

Watching this documentary is rough. They keep showing these before and after pictures of these kids who went in to this prison as babies and came out as troubled and angry teens. I look at these kids and I know the look. They checked out. You can put the judge in prison who put these kids away for triviata, but so what? Everyone supposed to look out for them let them down. These kids were in prison playing Battle Royale and The Hunger Games. It breeds a certain cynicism.

These kids were from broken homes and messed up family situations, which is the reality of the social destruction being engineered to God knows what end. However, their punishment did not fit their pathetic little crimes. They got thrown into these facilities with hardened ghetto kids from Philadelphia and much bigger cities, kids in for murder and rape,while these kids were in for stuff like satirizing their principal on Facebook. Do you want to create somebody who won’t vote for open borders? Throw them into a prison cell with the worst examples of illegal aliens. There are people out there who would kill you for a cigarette, and they are not in Syria or Iraq, but they are crawling across the Mexican border. So next time you hear somebody thanking the troops for your freedom, maybe you should ask yourself whose freedom they are fighting for when the enemy is invading America unopposed. Kids For Cash doesn’t cover that angle, so I just did.

Anyway, there was at least one sublime moment on this mess, and I apologize for not having the will to go through the history of the “Kids For Cash” scandal. I did briefly mention it in my 2011 book, ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER, so it’s not apathy about the topic. Instead, I will link to a Youtube video and give some background.

This woman’s son was a “Kids For Cash” victim. As the judge’s defense attorney is giving an after trial presser on the courthouse steps, she steps up and just goes off on him. In a sea of bland legalese designed to insulate an entire legal system from how vile they are, her raw emotion gives the whole moment much needed clarity. It also, in my view, shamed the media vampires and their lawyers for an instant. This is not about two crooked judges. The whole system and America’s attitude toward children is screwy, and it starts with legalized abortion.

This clip was sort of viral on the Internet, but since I don’t watch TV I don’t know how much of it got on the news: