To prevent myself from joining in any Internet discourse on the inevitable 2016 USA Presidential elections, I am going to review this election now. Hopefully I will not have to revisit the topic.

For starters, when you go to a restaurant and don’t like anything on the menu, what do you do? You are hungry, so you must feel like eating something, but what if nothing on the menu appeals to you? Do you have options? Of course.

Try to order off menu. This is a write-in vote. You inconvenience the staff while ordering something the restaurant probably doesn’t do as well as listed dishes or they would serve it. Your dish won’t be a winner, and neither will Mickey Mouse when you write him in. Oh, and that third party voter? He’s a loser too, so go ahead and throw your vote away on someone who doesn’t stand a chance and whose primary virtue is probably you just don’t know that much about him or her.

Just don’t order. Sit there and milk a coffee while you watch the people you came with eat. This might work, except in American politics, the true reality is some hard working but crooked voting booth worker is going to fill out your blank ballot for you and toss it in the pile of his choice. Once you show up to vote, you really can’t abstain in the real world. You know all the voting fraud supposedly associated with Diebold voting machines? T’weren’t no “supposedly” about it.

Leave the restaurant. Move to the Soviet Union if you don’t like it, Commie. I’m putting that in the “gradually growing more attractive category”.

Have the option “None of the Above” put on the menu. If enough people showed up to vote and had the ease and security of locking down their ballot as easily identifiable and chartable, it would define and corral the protest vote in the country, which might exist on a grand scale.

What if everybody went to the restaurant for which they had no practical alternative, sat down and said “None of the Above” when asked for a selection, then quietly folded their hands and waited until new management was brought in and both Chef D and Chef R were fired?

Write-ins don’t work because they show a wide variety of disparate opinions, which are not the answer. The answer is unity, a majority victor. A majority victor gives the election credibility. If “None of the Above” could steal 40% of the vote, the two other parties would be stuck fighting for a ten to fifteen percent swing vote. This would discredit American democracy. This needs to happen.

We justify wars by stating we need to install democracy. What if Americans lose credibility for having a democracy of their own? We would lose a propaganda tool. Also, we can never fix the American system under the current electoral process. Democrats and Republicans are fighting over how to divvy up the loot, not the betterment of the country. We need to take away their false “endorsed by the voter” rosy, grandmotherly glows and expose them for the degenerate, twisted filth they are, financed by gangsters to buy slick marketing campaigns.

If good Americans want to refuse to play along and not be used anymore, the answer is “None of the Above”. Right now, we either vote for Hitler or Stalin, so why even show up? There would be no excuse for not voting if Americans had the same choice they might have at McDonalds. The option to refuse to participate would exist while knowing your vote would be counted and not easily stolen being clearly marked “None of the Above”.

As an American, I have to eat at this restaurant. I want to make it better, not just get my ration and drudge on towards endless wars and national debt catastrophe. Some vile specimens seized power at this restaurant, and now McDonalds sells tainted beef with Ammonia in it to kill the E-coli (true). Obama recently stated he wants to make voting mandatory. So now I will have to go to McDonalds and eat tainted swill because it is the only restaurant available and I am being forced. So, I will go to McDonalds, but at least give me a third option. That option is “None of the Above”. There is not a single person I would vote for who has a chance in hell of winning. I just want to acknowledge this when I vote. I want to vote for somebody who would change things for the better and have a decent chance of winning, or at least splitting the two dominant tickets. Only “None of the Above” qualifies.

Frankly, I have been surveying the field, and “None of The Above” is looking pretty darn good. I like the cut of he/she/ or its jib. This candidate is pretty hard to pin down on the issues, hails from every state, and could be any race, gender, or creed you like, so the diversity factor is outstanding. None of the Above could trigger electoral mayhem which would make the Bush/Gore Florida recounts look like a day Miami Beach  in comparison.

Lastly, let me offer one more endorsement of “None of the Above”. In my bones I feel this, after the 2016 power transfer to whichever Bilderberger stinkaroo gets the nod, we go to war with Iran and the stock market gets crashed again. This is going to happen whether D or R gets picked.

So, my comment on the 2016 election is give me a third viable option. Alternatively, I would accept Jesse Ventura as a viable protest. Though this former Navy Seal knows his controlled demolitions, his faith in the Global warming Cult would be a deal breaker if I thought he had a chance. If him and/or Mike Rivera ran, i would vote for them, otherwise put “None of the Above” on the ballot or I’m staying home. I really shouldn’t be forced to vote for which party gets to do me up the butt this year.

* Anyway, its time to sell the donuts. I am working on a new book, and set a page up for it on this blog. I don’t know when I will consider it done, and don’t care to write about it until it is done. I will probably put it on Amazon, use up my free days, and then put it on Smashwords as well. Here is the redone cover:

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