Above is a link to a movie about the Waco massacre.The 22nd anniversary is tomorrow (April 19), always a good day to be mentally prepared for trouble.

Dick Morris is saying Bill Clinton was the lead on Waco. Bubba blamed Janet Reno for years. Morris must have some serious dirt on the Clinton’s, or maybe the Clinton Death List is just a series of coincidences. Anyway, Morris acts like he has insurance of some sort, at least up to a certain degree. Morris knows them well, so his animus against Bill and especially Hillary is revelatory.

The significance of April 19th is it’s the start of the holiest time of year for Devil Worshipers. The ritual called for is immolation of human sacrifices, a holocaust if you will, to Moloch the Fire God.

So when stuff happens on April 19th, say a Waco or an Oklahoma City Fire Bombing, you have to suspect the involvement of high level satanists.

If anybody follows this blog (there is one or two, I think. Peace unto you) you might know discussing April 19th and its occult associations is something of an annual ritual. I am not trying to sound like a broken record. My purpose is to demystify this holiday. They are letting Wiccans be buried in Arlington, so the alert Christian needs to inform themself.

The occult thrives on secrecy and hidden meaning. It literally gives the spell more power if it is an open message with a true meaning understood only by the initiates. So, blogging about this is a heads-up.

I refuse to believe Americans are as gullible as the corporate media portrays them. If they are, I think America’s national debt issues are about to start impacting our lives more. Up to a point, we’ve been insulated from this by the dollar being the “new gold standard” for the past few decades. This may be changing. If so, a 9-11 style event might be on deck to distract people from a failing economy.

Anyway, April 19 starts a 13 day holiday for a very old religion. It culminates on May 1st. Moloch was a bull headed god. Its cult built statues with ovens in them for placing first born children in. This cult has gone through various metamorphosis, but these guys are still around, based on empirical evidence. The Waco massacre is evidence these guys still like to get down and celebrate the fire god on April 19th.

Maybe they won’t if enough people are watching?