In a pique the other day, I posted some results (I think) for a study for an osteoarthritis pain relief study. I pasted the salient parts below.

The principle is PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic therapy. It sounds more New Agey than it is. Every year, a lot of people have liver and kidney problems just from taking over the counter drugs like Ibuprofen. There is this company, Bioelectronics Corporation, which makes a portable PEMF patch which reduces chronic pain without drugs. They have had some good results.

The problem, I think, is the FDA. They are hedging on approving this new form of a fairly old treatment. PEMF has been around for awhile. I believe they don’t want to be blatantly on the wrong side of history, yet they also want to keep their major customers, the pharmaceutical companies, happy.

The FDA is kind of a corrupt organization. They have been caught taking bribes and insider trading. Also, they may have just been plain wrong when they gave short shrift to PEMF.

Trading stocks is the one of the few interests I ever shared with my father, who was good at it. Maybe I wanted to be able to talk to him about something. In the long run, that plan didn’t work out. I understand this stuff on a deeper level from getting a graduate degree in science, so I’m pretty comfortable PEMF works. Indeed, Bioelectronics is starting to sell product, mainly in EU, but they have had two record setting quarters in a row. The stock is breaking out.

The FDA is apparently about to be heard from as well. The CEO of the company said in a radio interview recently the FDA would announce this month whether BIEL would be Class 2 or remain Class 3. BIEL should be Class 1, except for post operative pain, which should remain Class 3, or at least will remain Class 3. Anything near an open wound is dicey.

I had a degenerate gambler phase in penny stocks. I hope I kicked. One of the reasons I like this stock and technology is I have what is known as an addictive personality. People don’t get addicted to me, more is the pity, rather I get addicted.

Anyway, below is what I think is the salient feature of an as yet unreleased study. You have what is known in Statistics as a “P” test. No, no that kind of P test. You take groups which generate continuous data and see if they are similar in their response. So here you have the test group, the placebo group and the control group.

What I gleaned from the Italian website is the test group and the Control were definitely different, and the placebo and the control definitely were not. This is very good for BIEL.

I pasted a chart below. The big spike you see in April in 2014 is when they FDA announced they would reclassify. It takes around a year. The FDA is about to announce.

Holding on to this stock has been a very personal struggle for me. I have been buying at the current levels when I can.

The people who discuss this stock on the Internet are lying Ferengi types. This blog reflects my personal opinions, and I think if people are interested in the market, now is the time to purchase BIEL. They are making money in a down economy and have a couple of potential catalysts imminent.




t-test, 2 sided




t-test, 2 sided


emitting group
Wearable pulsed electromagnetic fields