Free on Friday:

Zombie World Order

Dead To Rights

The Lazarus Law

These Amazon free sales days do not stop and start on a dime. For instance, right now the books are not free, though I set the day for Friday. Within an hour or two, they will be from the time I post this, and will be free going into Saturday.

I honestly don’t know why Amazon can’t do this on an exact basis electronically, and for once I have no theories. Maybe it everyone’s started at exactly midnight their site would get disrupted?

Since I am in a mood to complain about my existence, I will make this post mercifully short. I am sure you have troubles of your own, gentle reader.

Acceptance is the answer.

Anyway, to stay on point, the books should be free at some point today. If you like them, either get the best formatted Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy or buy QUICK AND THE GRATEFUL UNDEAD.