This post is with regards to a cartoon drawing contest in Dallas which is designed to provoke Muslims by drawing offensive picture of Mohammed.

This yenta named Pam Geller is orchestrating it.

The below pictures can be found here. Mike Rivero gets to the heart of the matter.

I find Pam Geller to be a rather murderously offensive trollop. Even if no Muslims attack the cartoonists, I’m sure Geller will supply some false flaggers to get some headlines. What’s a couple of dead goyim when you are trying to create a religious war to benefit Israel?

Allow me to illustrate. Clint Eastwood walks into a biker bar, insults them, and then the script gets flipped and he gets his ass kicked. What does he do? Well, Pam Geller gets somebody else to fight, and then sues. This is entrapment.

Would Pam like it if a contest was created to promote Holocaust Revisionism?

This whole thing is disgusting. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but personally, I have no sympathy for Pam Geller whatsoever. I am sure she will have plenty of taxpayer funded security guards (the police).

To quote the Neocon cartoon Air America, a piece of garbage used to promote the Iraq War, freedom isn’t free. It costs a buck 03. What does it mean? Nothing. Everything in that piece of filth was a lie, and the makers are slime. Since when do I have to pay for some filthy pig’s security so they can insult some people for their religion? Are you effing kidding me? Abortion isn’t legal in a single Muslim country. Muslims are solid on the most important issue. What does Pam Geller believe about killing unborn babies?

Both my grandfathers were doctors who joined the American war effort in WW2. They sacrificed their own families for it. They opened up work camps where Pam’s relatives were making munitions for the Nazis. I am an American. Pam Geller is not, and those Dallas cartoonists should hang their heads in shame and apologize.