I worked for a publishing house, briefly, during 9-11 in Midtown Manhattan. I was between “real” jobs, and they had me calculating royalties for a bunch of different international accounts. It’s a great business, but I think it would have been better in the old days for print publishing. It took less guts to have guts. Everything is so consolidated now. Six media companies pretty much run anything, and they are owned by huge international conglomerates as well.

I was watching “9-11 Exposed, Part Two” recently. I highly suggest people view this for its historic footage. Also, once you watch the towers collapse in slow motion and are guided through the process by a narrating demolitions expert, it’s hard to accept that the towers’ collapse was not a controlled demolition.

TIME TITANS is no longer available for purchase. I feel my brand is getting better with the publication of QUICK AND THE GRATEFUL UNDEAD, which is free tomorrow on Amazon. I need to retool the book, even if it’s just getting the formatting right.

The Cyber-witch (see my links) helped me out, and now all my books are vastly improved in their electronic presentation. The problem with TIME TITANS runs deep. If I live long enough, the book will re-appear in some reincarnation, but I just unpublished it from Amazon, the only place I had it for sale.

When I finished QUICK I knew it was a pretty good book people would enjoy reading, but TIME TITANS  is very, very, abstract. I want to wait awhile to read it again so I can be objective about it, but I think the problem is I was practicing as a writer. I was trying to get better technically as a writer.

Anyway, the books in the trilogy are free right now. I think the reading experience is much improved with the  better formatting.


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