The above link takes you to a video about Bruce Jenner, a guy a I grew up looking at on the cover of a Wheaties box and then pretty much forgot about. He declared himself a woman recently to much acclaim.
His/her case is contrasted with a white  lady of German descent who got into a lot of trouble for declaring herself to be black. The point of the video, at least one anyway, is we can alter our genetic structure by choice, as long as the large mass of Media Monkeys endorse it.
I’m going to link to a few more news stories and then try to make a larger point of some sort:
Florida woman arrested after hitting her lesbian partner in the face with a dildo during domestic dispute in front of police

Alameda Coast Guard Crew Seizes Narco-Submarine Carrying 8 Tons Of Cocaine

These two stories are related. The first one describes a woman who assaults her domestic partner. Turns out she is a former cop who did three years for possession of 25 kilos of coke. Aside from the quite obvious fact that she must have snitched to get such a light sentence for such a large amount, I am going to use this as anecdotal evidence of a larger point.

Same with the submarine story. Wow! 8 tons of coke. We’re lucky this sub didn’t have nuclear weapons. We pay more for military than every other country in the world combined and we can’t secure our borders, not just from people, but from submarine invasion armed with a socially destructive substance.

So this sub got caught, you say? The article says 30% of the coke in the country comes in by sub. Most of the rest is (probably) by Mexican truck and diplomatic planes.

This could all be stopped if there was the will, but the cops and politicians are dealing.

Watch the video I linked to. “In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”, George Orwell.

The point is video evidence cannot be discounted just because the Media Monkeys say they can be. Watch 9-11 Exposed, Part Two, if you dare. It’s free. Watch these Planned Parenthood expose’ videos getting released. Watch a white woman says she’s black, and a man say he’s a woman, and then tell me why one is right and another one is wrong.

Why did they call it the Ron Paul revolution? Because he was telling the truth. Get the government out of the marriage business and gay marriage is solved. Legalize drugs and you will remove 90% of the corruption in our rulers.  Don’t just defund Planned Parenthood. Take away the ability of the Federal government to fund any country or group. Make Abortion a state thing and remove it from the federal realm.

A whole society is on lock down because of the drug war. It’s how all this search and seizure, war on cash thing started. They used the tools developed during the Drug war to take away people’s rights on the pretext of terrorism, completely oblivious to the fact that the drug war is a total washout.  We have a million people in prison for nonviolent drug offenses, yet the drugs are still pouring in.

We fought a war to keep the heroin flowing from Afghanistan, and now smack is back, and people are starting to die. Heroin wasn’t that big of a deal prior to 9-11. The Taliban has stopped it over there. How many American lives did the Taliban save by stopping heroin production in Afghanistan? Countless. The Taliban are heroes in that respect. Yes. The Taliban should be canonized as American heroes for stopping opium cultivation in Afghanistan.

Smack is booming again in Afghanistan, thanks to the Media Monkeys.Not one of those hijackers was an Afghan, not one. Not one 9-11 hijacker was an Afghani. Tim Osmond, a CIA asset dressed up as what we call a terrorist was the pretext. His family did some business there. The whole thing is a farce, except the Media monkeys say it isn’t. Facts don’t matter.

I am not a revolutionary. I am insane. I am insane for trying to explain to anyone “That All is not Gold that Glitters and Two and Two make Four.” (Kipling). It really is pointless, so why do I bother? I’ve written this before on this blog, but what interests me isn’t so much what people think. It’s why they think they think it, and how they justify this logically. The unexamined life is not worth living. Part of our lives, certainly, are centered around what we believe.

Maybe because I was such a lonely kid I empathize with some poor child out there growing up in a world of twisted and stunning contradictions. The FDA takes science and makes it a game of paying fees and filling out forms, and the corrupt play along happily, yet on scientifically questionable methods and evidence, we are expected to pay a Carbon Tax because known liars say we must on the basis of this weak proof. There is an interchangeable set of standards, but at the end of the day, selling poison to American kids is a big business and our taxes get used to make sure the poison heroin keeps flowing. The obvious collaboration of government and law enforcement in the illegal drug trade is evidence staring us right in the face, yet you know you are going to vote for the next drug warrior running for President, unless you are and were a Ron Paul supporter. I didn’t write this blog for you. Go back to sleep.