Bioelectronics Corporation makes a portable PEMF device (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) that has a variety of applications, especially pain relief for muscle soreness. Here is link to their website.

The FDA is giving them shit in the USA, although they have approvals all over Europe. BIEL’s devices are especially popular in England, and getting more so. England has made some mistakes over the years, but they were also the first to appreciate Jimi Hendrix.

Anyway, BIEL sales are taking off. The FDA has to address their petition for FDA approval or risk irrelevancy as sales pick up.

Anyway, here are some charts pasted below.

  • I mined this data from their financial reports and am posting it so others can see the charts. Financial reports should be charted, but nobody else seems to be doing this for this tiny company, so I am chipping in.
  • My end year projection is just a doubling of the first six months. This is reasonable because BIEL is getting more retail sites in Canada and England, and is also working on some kind of deal with BRAUN (a very big deal in Germany). So, BIEL should at least match their first half of the year numbers in the second half. BIEL should actually exceed my estimates, but  I am pasting the conservative view below.pictsalespictgross pictcost of goodsEnd note–I did call the FDA about this company, and the FDA is not issuing the Final Order to make PEMF a Class Two non-prescription over the counter OTC in August. The person I talked to was fairly straightfoward about it. They told me with some certainty, however, the Final Order would be issued by the end of the year, and they seemed to mean this.. So, Sept, October, November December are months it could be issued. In my opinion, it will be soon based on that conversation.
  • I know these charts are pretty simple. Email my blog and I will send you a more detailed analysis (numbers crunched etc.) I have all that, but want to post the big picture part.
  • Part 1 & 2 of the trilogy are free today and tomorrow (8/15 & 8/16).