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These books are set to be free over Friday for sure, but check Saturday  as well.

Amazon lets you have a couple of free days but the schedule doesn’t turn on a dime, so I will only issue general predictions.

I might update this blog over the next few days. We seem to spin cyclically through the corporate news. It will be interesting to see if Hillary has had it or not. One wonders if she could have improved her situation earlier by supporting gay marriage early and coming out of the closet. It would have made her seem really authentic. I for one think Huma Abdenin would have made a wonderful first lady. Let’s face it, since Jackie O. we haven’t had one who was not painful on the eyes. I sort of liked Rosalyn Carter, or I like her type, but she was getting on in years even then. Michelle Obama is one of those really rare unattractive black chicks, and let’s not even dwell on Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. I swear Laura was GWB’s beard, or at least he seems like a closet case. I actually voted for that moron twice when I was still stupid enough to vote, and the sad thing is he probably was better than Gore or Kerrey. Gore is an imbecile and one Skull and Boner is the same as another.

Hillary was a beard too, designed to protect her coke addled hubby’s sexually obsessive stalking from the voting eye. There was this old guy, Sherman Skolnick, who pioneered a lot of the Internet muckraking conspiracy thing. You don’t see his name much anymore. He died about ten years ago and was pretty old, but I respected him.

His schtick was he would badger public figures and get arrested, and the sight of them loading him and his wheelchair into a police van always backfired on his persecutors. There isn’t an obvious win in busting an old cripple for the crime of making you look like an idiot in public.

Anyway, Skolnick always said the Clinton’s were a CIA couple, but they were inappropriately matched because Hillary was a lesbian. I will say Hillary always had better taste than Bubba in her girls, but I think Huma might be her downfall. She knows too much now, and is too public a figure to conveniently assassinate. I mean, her husband Weiner was a Senator. This is not some poor Irish girl working in a coffee shop who tried to be Icarus.

Plus, I think Hillary genuinely loves her, though I suppose its mainly physical given their age disparity. Huma has what Hillary lacks, a natural fashion sense and the appropriate body type to wear such styles. Stuffing Hillary and now Chelsea into haute couture is literally like putting lipstick on a pig. Still, opposites attract. I consider Huma and Hillary to be the only authentically romantic couple in recent presidential campaign history, though I suppose JFK and Marilyn Monroe count as well.

I always knew Hilary would run. There was too much money and other incentives not to, plus it would be easier to protect herself from prosecution if she were president. I don’t think she can win at this point, but I think she is going to take a lot of people down with her. Her IT guy getting immunity to testify is ominous. The real danger here is boredom. Hillary is becoming tedious. Bubba was fresh and real, a constant capering clown. Hillary is probably much more interesting, and if she and Huma would just come out and let their rainbow shine, she might be able to pull her potatoes out of the fire, politically speaking.

*If you go the Quick and the Grateful Undead page I have on this blog, I pasted a sample chapter from the book which will hopefully entice you to download the thing. I like the book, and see a value in getting it read by people for free, since it is hard to promote these things, and I probably alienate 80% everytime I write a blog. I just can’t help it. I’ve concluded my ideas are rational, but I am crazy for sharing them.