I jotted some notes while I watched the GOP debate on Youtube. It was the first time I had seen some of these guys in action. I liked the format. What it was if a candidate referred to another by name, then that candidate got the mike for rebuttal. I think it kept them from attacking Trump without a chance for Donald to defend himself, also it kept Rand Paul from being an ignored except when a whipping boy.

Rand is a mere shadow of his father Ron, but even this puts him ahead of most of the field. I loathe Rand and always will though, for endorsing Mitt Romney over his father before the race was decided. Not only is Rand disloyal, he is also stupid because Mitt lost. The latter is more unforgivable in politics.

The candidates most clearly stamped “NWO” are Jeb and Christie. The Bush magic works if you give them the benefit of the doubt, but they longer qualify for that benefit. I am mildly curious which member of the Corleone brothers to compare Jeb too. I think both GW and Jeb are Fredos, weak and stupid.

It’s a wild election as Hillary stumps on stopping sexual predators in college and attacks Trump for not defending Obama from being called a Muslim.

Hilary’s husband got kicked out of Oxford for raping some poor British girl, and Hillary’s campaign is the original source for the whole “Birther” thing about Obama. She released some pictures of Obama in full Muslim regalia during her failed 2008 campaign to try to sabotage him. The Clintons didn’t  invent chutzpah, but I believe they have perfected the art.

Christie-keeps invoking 9-11 every time militarism is questioned, how when he lived in Jersey and he would jerk his head up in the weeks after every time a plane flew overhead because he was afraid “they” would try to kill him again.

Who is they? The military should have scrambled jets and shot those planes down on 9-11. Seems like Christie should figure out what happened.

ISIS talk– Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the USA funded this latest MEK reincarnation. It’s all double  talk till this is dealt with.

Planned Parenthood–shut the US government down until they get defunded, of course. If undesirables were rounded up and being sent to gas chambers by Planned Parenthood, you wouldn’t be able to point to the positive benefits of conducting cancer research on them to justify this.  Honestly, I can’t help thinking Adolph Hitler himself would have cringed watching those Planned Parenthood videos.  At least he believed the Germans were The Chosen People, and was trying to improve them (in a misguided way of course). Planned Parenthood started  out racist, but now they sell baby parts so they can buy Lamborghinis. Disgusting.

Rosie O’Donnell threatened to throw her own menstrual blood on the Planned Parenthood protesters, yet supposedly decent people say Trump is wrong to attack her. Rosie is a facultative lesbian, I think, which means no man could sustain an erection while being in that angry harridan’s presence, so she was forced to widen her possible partner base.

Rubio–he’s a Mexican John Boy Walton. What fissure in the Neocon dementia state did he leak out of?

Huckabee-typical Rapture Ranger Zio-stooge, but by far the slickest, most articulate, and best public speaker. This guy is for real. I would vote for him except for him wanting end times, apocalypse, etc., so Jesus could come home. All you gotta do is wait, Hucky. Jesus will be judging you before you know it, Rapture or no.

Jeb Bush–Trump is making him angry. Jeb has that Prep school smirk I would just love to see bitchslapped off his face.

Christie-says billionaires shouldn’t get social security. Aside from the obvious that there only couple of billionaires who would be eligible so savings would be negligible, all this does is open the door to chopping benefits for everybody who made a few bucks. As times get more desperate, the threshold income for not collecting would get lower and lower. At some point, if you have of loaf of bread left in your cupboard you will be too rich to qualify.

Christie is messed up. The government screwed up Social Security, but the people have to pay for it? Let’s sell Christy’s body parts and give the proceeds to SSI dependents. The blubber alone would light every whale lamp in Japan.

Trump defused this well, saying he personally would sign away his SSI rights, stating he wouldn’t even notice it. How much support does Christie even have? Why does he even qualify  for this debate?

Cruz is okay, and might do better in four years.Wait, Cruz just lost my vote forever when he said Andrew Jackson should get taken off the 20 bill. Gutless coward.

Weed Talk: So the failed CEO Carly Fiorina gets to have a special right to outlaw weed because she failed as a parent and her child died of an overdose? This might seem heartless, but if my child died of a drug overdose, I would acknowledge failure as a parent for myself.

One of my friends who I won’t name, but is the youngest grandfather I ever knew would buy his daughter little diaries which had two keys. He would keep one, but not tell her about it. This way he got to read her innermost thoughts and find out if her or any of her friends were up to no good. You got to be a cold, calculating spy with your children. It is a jungle out there. Fiorina was probably too busy trying to take care of business in the boardroom and neglected to spy on her kids.

Alcohol is the gateway drug. Weed is the gateway to the Black Market. People get introduced to hard drugs through the same people who introduced them to weed. So, remove the weed door to the underworld, and you get rid of a lot of access criminals have to subvert your children.

I have daughters, I have sisters. A lot of women have very difficult menstrual cycles, which weed does help with. If all that works is weed, you have to have a connection.

If I had a son or daughter who wanted to smoke weed, I would want them to buy it at a regulated store with security cameras and a phone to call the cops, not from some sleazy street dealer.

Unregulated street drug trafficking leads to people buying laced drugs and dealing with criminals. Nobody deserves to get drugged and  raped or beat up because they want to smoke weed, especially in a society where alcohol is socially acceptable. Alcohol is an extremely dangerous and addictive drug, and much worse than weed.

I don’t drink, smoke weed, or even use tobacco anymore, and have not for years. I thought I would change my views eventually, or I was told I would, but I have not. Weed should be legal and taxed if bought at a store, not taxed if home grown.

If my children were to get some, I would want them to get this relatively harmless drug at a store. I never did anything constructive while drinking, but I actually did make some advances doing repetitive mental activity when I used to smoke. A person is better off going sober and learning to deal with Life on Life’s terms but people like to get high. Torturing them for it will not change human nature.

Also, the rank hypocrisy of politicians like Christie who supported the Afghan War,  which led to heroin being the big cash product there again after the Taliban had mainly wiped out poppy cultivation. This Afghan heroin glutted the wold market and made dope cheaper, so now the Mexican are exporting their heroin to the USA, not Europe.

Christie’s secret service nickname choice? Stupid question, really stupid answer. I have it in for this guy. There is footage of him responding to a heckler who told him he was going down in the polls of something, and Christie retorted “You will be going down tonight.” Classy. I spent too much time on I 80 in Fort Lee in front of the GW to ever wish this weirdo well.

I think the GOP smells blood. Hillary is a weak candidate, and the reason nobody in the GOP is going for the jugular with her so far is because they want her to run. Make Fiorina the GOP VP candidate and Hillary loses her trump card since Carly also presumably has female genitalia.

Nobody else stands out. Carson has made it as far as he has because he is a Black Republican and Obama is the President. He has been useful because it makes it easier to criticize O’Bummer since blacks can’t be racist. They aren’t smart enough (this last was ironic. I have resigned myself to having to explain my witticisms.)

Anyway, I enjoyed the debates, and with no clear winner, Trump won. They need to knock him out, but they won’t do it in a debate. They will assassinate him in the Corporate Media. Look for dredged up girlfriends, and with his casino connections he must have some Mob associates. Can’t have that in Sheldon Adelson’s Grand Old Party