First off, there will be no free giveaways of my books in the immediate future. I am gradually fine-tuning the books again. It is absolutely humbling how hard it is to write novels without any real assistance. Little problems become evident, sometimes after much previous scrutiny. I want to improve some syntax, verb tenses, punctuation. I am also going to change something I decided to go with early on as a grammatical style, but the meaning doesn’t become apparent until the end. Namely, the constant calling of the Captain “The Captain”. It is confusing because it is his rank but also his nickname. The significance is explained towards the end of the book, but I have decided I don’t like it.If I have to explain something to people, the problem might be them, but it also might be me. Anyway, that is the book (s) status.

Now some thoughts on a recent comment Obama made about Syria not being part of a “Global Chess board.” Whatever does he mean? What prompted his remark was Putin bombing ISIS training centers in Syria.

Those who read this blog would know my thought on ISIS, which I consider to be a reincarnation of MEK. MEK is a terrorist group the Neocons got made legal so they can funnel money into it. It is a splinter group of Iranian misfits left over from the days when they helped depose the Shah of Iran but then got the boot from Iran because they were too crazy.

ISIS is also composed of released Saudi Prisoners, with strong Israeli ties and CIA involvement. This terrorist clique was developed to depose the head of Syria (Assad) and make Syria a success story the way Iraq, the Ukraine, and Libya have become (strong sarcasm here). The Syrians are hanging tough and fighting back against those who want to throw their nation into anarchic turmoil. However, they have been unable to close the deal against the foreign funded devils who invaded them. I don’t view the Syrian conflict as being a Civil War. A civil war is when countrymen fight each other. ISIS and the so-called moderate anti-Assad are not Syrian. You have American idiots volunteering to fight with these “rebels”.  It’s wacky.

So, “we” fund ISIS and the so-called moderates. Putin starts bombing both (supposedly) in an attempt to prop up Assad and perhaps as payback for American intervention in the Ukraine.

So, Obama remarks about the global chessboard were revelatory. Perhaps to the current regime in Washington, this seems to be the case, but they are most assuredly wrong. Putin is playing chess, but Obama has got the checkerboard out.

This could ignite WW3 if it spills over into Israel. Remember, according to the Talmud, The Messiah cannot return until six million Jews have died in a Holocaust. Holocaust means literally ritual immolation by fire of the living. There are around six million Jews in Israel, about six million in New York. So nuking either place would suffice to usher in the New World Order. In other words, the global Jewish “nation” could take the hit at either place, emerge stronger than ever, and Talmudic prophecy could still be fulfilled.

Do I seem to have gotten off on a tangent? We probably are living in End Times, but no telling when the End is. The phrase “Our chickens will come home to roost” comes to mind. I have not been out in the streets protesting the suffering Neocon policy has caused in Syria. I track this on my blog, but I have basic survival to contend with daily. Also, I do not have enough honest sources of information to try to track the truth of the matter.

However, I do applaud Putin for trying to clean up our mess for us. Hopefully, removing the “rebels” and ISIS will stabilize Syrian society. Israel is certainly not doing shit for Syria, having already refused to take any Syrian war refugees they helped create. I hope the rank and file Jews over there know that at crunch time, the elites are going Lear jet to safer havens and the “hoi polloi” will be used to fulfill the prophetic requirements of the Talmud, at least, that is, if New York is not deemed an acceptable substitute. A lot of Israelis are originally from Russia, so maybe they can come to terms with  a new external power. The Americans, like the British before them, show strong signs of no longer having the will to enable Israel’s role as neighborhood bully in the Mideast, at least it is a waning will. Russia might be a better fit. Or not.

I don’t expect the American government to send troops to free Northern Ireland, Ireland being where my ancestors are literally from. Incredibly, however, Jews with no real genetic ties to the land of Israel expect the United States to enforce their Biblical rights to it. The basis for this insanity has to be founded on some real temporal power, and the sane reason has to be the Rothschild family’s control of the global banking system. Otherwise, I got nothing. Crazy talk about The Bible just doesn’t account for the percentage of atheists who back Israel. So it has to be about money. Israel is a Rothschild site for hanging their hats in the oilfields. Applying Ockham’s Razor to this conundrum is probably the best way to view it. The simplest answer is probably right. Follow the money. Religious fanaticism is a mental disease so no rational people use it as a basis, so it must be money.