Man saves family from fire in South Scranton


I thought I would link to this story after thinking about it. It seems something like this should be national news.

A man is driving to church and see a house on fire, and no fire trucks on the scene. The man says Jesus told him to stop and run to see if help was needed.

He saved a family of four, two of them young children.

I think it’s a great story. I think this should be national news.

Donald Trump should talk about this.  All the talks shows should. Trouble is the man, Neftali Feliciano, doesn’t fall into any easy political category. He is a 37 year old religious guy. He’s Hispanic. Seems like he’d be a legal immigrant, but if he wasn’t, we’ve come to a sorry state if we deported him because we nabbed him while saving lives.

America is this culture of death right now. Would the corporate media, which specializes in demoralizing stories of horrific tragedy and sowing hopelessness have anything but a cynical sneer for Neftali’s claim that Jesus told him to do it?

Yet four people were saved from horrific death because of Jesus, according to Feliciano. Would this family sneer at him? Would you?

I’m trying to make a few bucks with an investment. if I do, I’m going to look this guy up and send him and his family something for Christmas and ask him to pray for me. If Jesus has Neftali’s ear, maybe Neftali has Jesus’s ear as well.

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Neftali Feliciano