Shooting down those Russian parachuters today was a war crime. You are not supposed to shoot pilots ejecting from a disabled plane. Nazis refrained from this in WW2, just to show how barbaric it is. This was a provocation and an insult to Putin and Russia.Parachuters who have violated another country’s airspace, if in fact they actually did, will drift down onto the country they violated, and can easily be arrested at this point.

At some point, We The People have to defend te world against a shadow government gone wild. They use our resources to support ISIS, a group which beheads entire villages of Christians in Syria. Putin enraged Obama because ISIS is part of the New World Order Plan, so Putin is throwing a wrench into the works by defeating ISIS.

Turkey would not have the guts to do this unless Obama and his cult okayed it.

Attacks on parachutists, in term of the law of war, is when pilots, aircrews, and/or passengers are attacked while descending by parachutes from disabled aircraft during a war. This practice is considered by most militaries around the world to be inhumane, barbaric, and unchivalrous, that it is unnecessary killing (i.e., they would eventually become prisoners of war if parachuted over enemy territory), that it is contrary to fair play, and that military pilots have to be held to a higher standard. Attacking people parachuting from an aircraft in distress is a war crime under Protocol I in addition to the 1949 Geneva Conventions. However, it is not prohibited under this Protocol to open fire on airborne troops who are descending by parachutes, even if their aircraft is in distress.[1]