The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy is free until Tuesday on Amazon.

I have been using a new feature on Kindle where you can highlight a word or paragraph, and Kindle saves the edit in a list. This has been helping with really editing it.

The book was a sort of therapy for me, and it did achieve the intended result. The book is like a time capsule of a very dark period in my life, a distillation of my deepest fears and anxieties. I let my paranoia run wild, I might now say. The book is where I have been.

However, I keep editing it once in a while, more effectively as time goes. So, it is my hope the book eventually might seem polished, even professional, though I am not a professional writer. Also, I am cleaning it in the event I can ever get a really experienced editor.

I had something to say with this book, but it must seem a mishmash of Zombies, New World Order Conspiracy Theory, 12 Step Recovery Program ideas, and my generally fractured take on politics,human nature and events. The underlying theme is spiritual.

The books were initially inspired by a panicky 3 a.m. visit I made to a drugstore looking for potassium iodide tablets at the height of the Fukushima crisis. I wanted to start giving them to my kids. I was dressed partially in my pajamas at the time, and I had a pretty inane conversation with a heavily tattooed young man stocking shelves there. His chemistry knowledge was less than comprehensive. The books were a form of therapy.

Anyway, a three-part, 600 plus page trilogy free until Tuesday. I just did another periodic overhaul to the Complete Trilogy, so download it if you want something to read.