Below I cut and pasted the salient points from two separate articles about from the “climate change/global warming” cultists.

As you can see, on matters of dogma, the cultists can be diametrically opposed. One says the day is getting shorter due to global warming, the other says the day is getting longer due to climate change. Which is it? The day can’t be getting both shorter and longer.

I clipped these articles from Mike Rivero’s site,  by the way. They are geniuses with this sort of thing there.

The rotational velocity of the Earth is primarily a function of the molten core of iron at the center of the Earth which dictates our magnetic field. Changes in this are what is causing changes such as these agenda driven articles pasted below are seeking to explain.

Correlation is not Causation, which is a basic tenet of statistical analysis. The cultists are pulling out all stops on and trying to create confusion and panic for something over which we have no control. The molten iron core at the Earth’s center behaves cyclically, and is probably a function of esoteric events such as gravitational pull of celestial bodies and sunspot activity.

The USA government is full of liars. From WMDs in Iraq, to Benghazi videos causing Muslim rebellion, the crew in there now is highly suspect. Yet, the United Nations is far worse.

However, it is mainly pointless to try to debate a cultist online. It’s Paid Content, meaning these posters are often paid to post global warming messages online. They probably get paid for getting responses. It’s a business to them, so they can’t be swayed.

I don’t get paid, and I find it infuriating to have to explain to people who either know nothing about science or have lived in little sterile money cocoons their whole lives and don’t know anything about human nature, real human nature, why people steal.

People lie. They do it all the time. Money is a primary trigger. Control over trillions of dollars can come from selling the cult, the false god of climate change pseudoscience.

I remember when Obama was campaigning and the subject of NAFTA came up in a debate. He promised he would take another look at NAFTA, probably because the ignoramus didn’t know what NAFTA was (many of these candidates are very stupid. Ben Carson said the Federal Reserve was part of the U.S. Treasury.)

Anyway, the next day Obama apologized to NAFTA (The New World Order) and said there would be no NAFTA review after all. His puppeteers must have really scorched him in the night.

I believe there are ages of the Earth. As the ages change, the new age is born. Birth is traumatic. The cause of this could be the Earth’s Sun is entering into a closer proximity with its binary star sister. There has obviously been tremendous climate change and geological transformation on the Earth, and on other planets as well. Look at Mars, for instance, which has suffered catastrophe after catastrophe.

The cultists want power and money. It’s what drives them. They want The New World Order. The global economy is tanking because of them and their lies. They will kill anyone who stands in their way. The two articles pasted below show their level of science. They can’t agree on the time of day amongst themselves, but both camps agree on one thing–they want your money, slave.

Nothing I can do will stop them, but for now I get to register my disbelief.


“…Consequently, Earth’s rotation would speed up, and by 2200 the length of a day would be reduced by 0.12 milliseconds…”

The Guardian

“…shrinking glaciers are affecting the rotation and axis of the Earth, calculating that the duration of a day has lengthened by a millisecond over the past 100 years.”