Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. A milestone for this blog, my 200th post.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”


Below is a list of politicians who do not seem to be able to read. The Second Amendment quite clearly states it can’t be limited or infringed. With wide open borders and enemies created by the political class by its adventures in the Muslim oil producing world. Americans need the right of self defense more than ever. In that spirit, I will past a list of politicians who want to infringe on our rights even more by banning  more guns.

The people below are no better than the Bolsheviks who slaughtered Christian Russia. Any  of these manufactured tragedies in “gun free” zones cold have been averted if these politicians had been regulating the cornucopia of dangerous psychosis inducing antidepressant drugs.

It is quite possible at least some spree shootings have been government staged events. These politicians support selling baby parts to soft drink companies for research, all for the greater good of course. What humanitarians. How many on this list below have been war pigs in the Ukraine and Libya? Yet these hypocrites want to grab  guns so they can start killing Americans in wholesale. The list below explains how the Nazis got started. Those on the list would have been capos in the work camps, ensuring their fellow slaves made high quality armaments for the Nazi  Army.

Mr. Cicilline
Ms. Adams,
Mr. Aguilar,
Ms. Bass,
Mr. Becerra,
Mr. Beyer,
Mr. Blumenauer,
Ms. Bonamici,
Mr. Brendan F. Boyle of Pennsylvania,
Mr. Brady of Pennsylvania,
Ms. Brown of Florida,
Ms. Brownley of California,
Mrs. Capps,
Mr. Capuano,
Mr. Cárdenas,
Mr. Carney,
Mr. Carson of Indiana,
Mr. Cartwright,
Ms. Judy Chu of California,
Ms. Clark of Massachusetts,
Ms. Clarke of New York,
Mr. Cohen,
Mr. Conyers,
Mr. Courtney,
Mr. Crowley,
Mr. Cummings,
Mr. Danny K. Davis of Illinois,
Mrs. Davis of California,
Ms. DeGette,
Ms. DeLauro,
Mr. DeSaulnier,
Mr. Deutch,
Mr. Doggett,
Mr. Michael F. Doyle of Pennsylvania,
Ms. Duckworth,
Ms. Edwards,
Mr. Engel,
Ms. Eshoo,
Ms. Esty,
Mr. Farr,
Mr. Foster,
Ms. Frankel of Florida,
Ms. Fudge,
Mr. Gallego,
Mr. Grayson,
Mr. Grijalva,
Ms. Hahn,
Mr. Hastings,
Mr. Higgins,
Mr. Himes,
Mr. Honda,
Mr. Hoyer,
Mr. Huffman,
Mr. Israel,
Ms. Jackson Lee,
Mr. Jeffries,
Mr.Johnson of Georgia,
Mr. Keating,
Ms. Kelly of Illinois,
Mr. Kennedy,
Mr. Langevin,
Mr. Larson of Connecticut,
Mrs. Lawrence,
Ms. Lee,
Mr. Levin,
Mr. Ted Lieu of California,
Ms. Lofgren,
Mr. Lowenthal,
Mrs. Lowey,
Ms. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico,
Mr. Lynch,
Mr. McDermott,
Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York,
Ms. Matsui,
Ms. McCollum,
Mr. McGovern,
Mr. Meeks,
Ms. Meng,
Ms. Moore,
Mr. Moulton,
Mrs. Napolitano,
Mr. Neal,
Mr. Norcross,
Ms. Norton,
Mr. Pallone,
Mr. Pascrell,
Ms. Pingree,
Ms. Plaskett,
Mr. Pocan,
Mr. Price of North Carolina,
Mr. Quigley,
Mr. Rangel,
Miss Rice of New York,
Mr. Richmond,
Ms. Roybal-Allard,
Mr. Ruppersberger,
Mr. Rush,
Ms. Schakowsky,
Mr. Schiff,
Mr. Scott of Virginia,
Mr. Serrano, Mr. Sherman,
Mr. Sires, Ms. Slaughter,
Ms. Speier,
Mr. Swalwell of California,
Mr. Takano,
Mr. Tonko,
Mrs. Torres,
Ms. Tsongas,
Mr. Van Hollen,
Mr. Veasey,
Ms. Velázquez,
Mr. Vargas,
Ms. Wasserman Schultz,
Mrs. Watson Coleman,
Ms. Wilson of Florida,
Mr. Yarmuth