This is a move to restrict free speech by US Reps in Congress. Intolerance and Hate Crimes are really broad, so people will be going to jail just for saying things.

Obviously, no group should have violence perpetrated on them, but laws exist to punish this already. This is about abrogating Free Speech. The Muslims are getting used here.

Can I point out the obvious? Many of the people on this list are ardent Zionists, so they are loyal to a country which commits crimes against Muslims every day. Yet, when it comes to their host nation, the USA, they suddenly develop a conscience. I don’t believe this for one solitary second. This Bill is a setup so in a Marxist and Orwellian way, resistance can be made impossible.

Everyone gets distracted by the Trump and Hillary show. True, Trump is correct that Hillary plays the oppressed woman card at every obstacle, and it is alarming to think this is all she has when she wants to negotiate with Putin as President. Just because Hillary represented a guilty rapist of a 12 year old and then joked about helping him beat the rap does not mean she is a monster. She is just a stereotypical lawyer. Not all lawyers are stereotypes, and certainly not all women are stereotypes. However, some of the animus against lawyers is justified. Hillary is a Sophist who bends words and the truth remorselessly. I believe she does this to serve some hidden agenda, but Saul Alinsky would have more insight into this, and he’s certainly not talking.

Lawyers and plumbers make jokes which might seem distasteful to people not in the business. Joking about a rape victim does not mean someone can’t be president, but they do lose the right to be considered decent people, and also the right to be treated with respect, in my view.

I just hope Hillary is not the next president. You never know what’s going to happen, and this is one creepy woman. There is a photo of her walking around New York wearing a weird coat she says she bought in Afghanistan. This is like wearing gang colors through a neighborhood where the gang murdered a bunch of people. If Hillary doesn’t believe the Afghans assisted with 911, why the hell doesn’t she say something. At least wear an American coat, if she can find one after she and Bill Clinton outsourced all the jobs and industry to China.

Keep your eye on the ball. Most of the content of this anti-free speech bill is pretty boilerplate and banal, but this bill has teeth. If this passes, every group who wants to do whatever they want will get a law passed to prevent any criticism of themselves for doing it.

Anyway, I am trying to make these names easily searchable. These names pop up and will continue to pop up as supporters of the agenda of The New World Order. The NWO is out of the closet and going mainstream. For a crash course, read my Trilogy.



“6) urges local and Federal law enforcement authorities to work to prevent hate crimes; and to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those perpetrators of hate crimes;”

Mr. Beyer
Mr. Honda,
Mr. Ellison,
Mr. Crowley,
Mr. Carson of Indiana,
Ms. Norton,
Ms. McCollum,
Ms. Kaptur,
Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York,
Mr. Kildee,
Ms. Loretta Sanchez of California,
Mr. Rangel,
Mr. Peters,
Mr. Ashford,
Mr. Grayson,
Mr. Takai,
Mr. Higgins,
Mr. Keating,
Mr. Grijalva,
Ms. Wasserman Schultz,
Mr. Butterfield,
Mr. Connolly,
Mr. Gallego,
Mrs. Bustos,
Mr. Delaney,
Ms. Castor of Florida,
Mr. Gutiérrez,
Mr. Quigley,
Ms. Esty,
Mr. Kennedy,
Ms. Kelly of Illinois,
Ms. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas,
Mr. Meeks,
Ms. Meng,
Mr. Al Green of Texas,
Ms. Clark of Massachusetts,
Mr. Schiff,
Mr. Hastings,
Mr. Farr,
Mr. Pallone,
Mr. McDermott,
Ms. Lee,
Ms. Edwards,
Mr. Brady of Pennsylvania,
Ms. Wilson of Florida,
Mr. Michael F. Doyle of Pennsylvania,
Mr. Sires,
Ms. DelBene,
Ms. Judy Chu of California,
Mr. Polis,
Mr. Loebsack,
Mr. Pascrell,
Mrs. Dingell,
Ms. Schakowsky,
Mr. Cohen,
Mr. Hinojosa,
Mr. Yarmuth,
Ms. Tsongas,
Mr. Langevin,
Mr. Pocan,
Mr. Conyers,
Mr. Takano,
Mr. Ryan of Ohio,
Mr. Serrano,
Mr. Johnson of Georgia,
Mr. Tonko,
Ms. Lofgren,
Mr. Van Hollen,
Mrs. Capps,
Mr. Price of North Carolina,
Ms. Matsui,
Ms. Moore,
Mr. Heck of Washington) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.