Barack Obama raised and spent about a billion dollars in the last election. Serious money, and serious people gave it to him. If you spend that kind of money, you expect a lot in return.

Obama was a young man when he first won, and while he didn’t speak off the cuff much, relying on prepared speeches and teleprompters, he never impressed me much one way or the other.

His handlers are impressive though. These are some serious people. Sandy Hook is Obama’s 9-11, as far as I’m concerned. After review, I am starting to lean towards the view this was at least a partially staged event. It smacks of crisis actors and scripts. Sandy Hook is a weird neighborhood. There is a site to search real estate transactions all over the USA. All around that school, it seems many were just given half million dollar homes on Christmas a few years prior.

The point is to seize guns to make the people more docile. Obama is not to blame, not really. He is that guy from the Peter Sellers’ movie, Chauncey Gardiner in Being There. He likes to play golf and go on vacation. His handlers are workaholics, though.

So, what is going to happen when Trump becomes more of a sure thing? Hillary is simply a bad candidate. Bill Clinton had Hillary in his corner, doing his dirty work and doing damage control. Hillary has Huma.

It’s like that book, Great Expectations. This poor kid falls in love with a beautiful rich girl and begins to get money from a mysterious donor. He thinks it is the girl’s guardian, a surly and strange old woman who comes from old money. The boy, Pip, feels special because the two special people think he is worth helping. It turns out Pip’s friend was an old escaped convict he brought a pie and some ale to in a cemetery who took a liking to him.

Hillary was at best an average looker who worked really hard at her looks. Maybe Bubba wished one of the beautiful people would have been willing to go to the wall for him, but all he had was Hillary, who did a yeoman’s turn as a political thug. She married him, and must have had feelings for him at one time. Bubba, was after all, a Southern beauty queen. She must have still believed in him politically. Hillary was the old convict to Bubba’s Pip. Bubba let her know in a million ways there was someplace he’d rather be, but no one else would be his old convict.

I’m sure there was an old convict out there for Hillary, but Hillary chose Huma, a beautiful featherhead. The secret is this–Hillary doesn’t even want to be President. She just knows Huma would drop her like a hot potato if she acts her age and retires. I have to pity this lecherous old fool with her youngish Sapphite. Trump is going to eat her alive.

When it dawns on Obama’s handlers, who also handle Hillary, that Trump will win, what will they do? Will they panic? Obama has led by Presidential Directives. Trump will be mandated to get rid of most of these in his first week in office, and there goes the schemes of Obama’s handlers. I doubt Trump will prosecute, or open the books on conspiracies, but he might. Will the Handlers and the Moneymen behind the Establishment politicians panic?

What might they do?